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Lieutenant Ezri Dax - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Ezri Dax from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Nicole de Boer.

Ezri Dax is a fictional female Trill in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Nicole de Boer. Ezri Dax holds the rank of Lieutenant .

After Jadzia Dax was killed by a possessed Gul Dukat at the end of the previous series, the Dax symbiont didn't die. The Dax symbiont was being transported back to Trill so that it could be implanted into someone else. During the journey, the Dax symbiont had to be joined with another host otherwise Dax would die. The only host available at the time was Ezri.

Ezri was a reluctant host as she didn't want to join but she was the only host available at the time. Three months after the death of Jadzia, Ezri makes herself known to Benjamin Sisko on Earth. Benjamin is trying to come to terms with the Jadzia's death, having know the Dax symbiont through a number of its lives, most famously, Curzon Dax.


The Dax symbiont has had a number of relationships in the past including that to Worf. Jadzia reveals that the symbiont has been married a total of six times, twice as a groom and the rest as bride.


The Dax symbiont had in the previous life being in a marriage with Worf and it would create tension between the two of them. A symbiont's host may not rekindle a relationship with a symbiont's past host. Ezri and Worf tried to adhere to the rule.

When Worf's ship was destroyed, Ezri took a runabout to find and rescue Worf. Ezri was able to find the escape pod and rescue Worf. On their way back, they were captured by the Breen, a race of aliens that recently joined The Dominion. The Breen tortured the starfleet officers. During the captivity, Ezri revealed she fancied Julian Bashir which put an added strain to the friendship.

Julian Bashir

With Worf's blessing, Ezri begans a relationship with Dr. Julian Bashir. Worf is at first jealous with the new evolving friendship but over time comes to accept it. Julian and Ezri will end up in bed together in the last episode of the last series.

Past Hosts

Sisko referred to Ezri as Old Man like he did with Jadzia. Ezri didn't like the term but she eventually accepted it. Jadzia under went a Trill Rite of Closure where she would meet her past hosts including Joran Dax, a violent murderer. Ezri doesn't fortunately tread over old ground.

When people are being killed by a murderer on board the station, Ezri calls upon Joran Dax's repressed character to help her understand who could be carrying out the killings. Joran tries to persuade Ezri to kill but she is strong enough to resist. In the end, with Joran's help, Ezri is able to unmask and capture the Vulcan serial killer. "Field of Fire"

Alternate universe

Ezri only appears in one episode of the alternate universe. When Zek travels to the alternate universe to arrange new business links, Ezri travels to the main universe to deliver a message. Zek will only be returned if a cloaking device is delivered. Deep Space Nine">Quark and Rom steal the cloaking device from General Martok's ship and deliver it to the Alternate Universe.

Ezri is a mercenary for hire who works alongside Brunt. Brunt in the alternate universe is remarkedly more friendly towards Quark and his brother Rom. The alternate Ezri is a more aggressive kind of person than her placid normal universe.

Ezri Dax Facts

Alien RaceTrill
ActorNicole de Boer
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