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Lt. Karl Agathon ( Helo )

Lt. Karl Agathon ( Helo ) from Battlestar Galactica played by Tahmoh Penikett.

Lt. Karl Agathon ( Helo ) is a fictional male Kobolian ( 2003 ) pilot in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was portrayed on screen by Tahmoh Penikett. Lt. Karl C. Agathenon whose call sign is Helo is primarily a raptor pilot whose co-pilot is Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ). In the miniseries, Helo gives up his place for Dr. Gaius Baltar because Baltar is a genius, someone who would aid the survivors more than he would.

Surviving Caprica Fallout

During the first season, we follow Helo as he tries to survive on Caprica at first on his own and then with Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ). He was spotted and monitored by an Aaron Doral, Number Six and a Sharon Valerii clone. Those watching him decide to send Sharon down to make Helo believe that the clone really is Sharon whilst the other two watch. Together, the two try to survive and hide out from the Centurions. They get so close that they make love one night.

The relationship falls apart when Helo on his own sees another Sharon and then threatens to kill Boomer. Boomer convinces Helo not to kill her, Sharon tells Helo that she is carrying their child. It is something he finds hard to believe but in the end decides to not kill her.

Helo is discovered by Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) when Kara againsts the orders of Commander William Adama has returned to the planet to pick up an artifact which can point the way to Earth. Helo manages to persuade Kara not to kill Sharon and take them both back to the Battlestar Galactica. William is not yet ready to accept her, her trust has to be earned.

Relationship with Lt. Athena

As mentioned previously, Lt. Helo survives the first series on Caprica with the help of Sharon Valerii. As they go on the run, he gets closer and closer emotionally to her and eventually, they both make love to one another. Sharon reveals that she is pregnant, something that he can't quite understand but resists killing her.

When Helo and Sharon return to the Galactica, they carry on their relationship and have quarters to themselves. The pregnancy goes to full term and they have a baby daughter called Hera. The child's death is faked by President Laura Roslin and is given to foster parents.

The Cylons capture Hera during the evacuation of the colonials on New Caprica. When the real Boomer seeks asylum on board the Battlestar Galactica, the truth about Hera is revealed prompting a rescue mission.

Cylon Virus

A virus that infects and only kills Cylons. The senior members of the crew decide to use the virus to infect the Cylons and therefore getting their own back on the Cylons. The main dissenter is Helo who believes that this will make us as bad as them causing mass homicide. He is also in a deeply committed relationship with Sharon now called Athena and fears that the virus could mutate and affect him or his child.

He kils those infected so that they can't pass on the virus when they resurrect on a Resurrection Ship. There's no hard evidence to charge him but its pretty clear it was him who done it.

Sagittarons and Medicine

Helo is alerted to a situation where people are dying because they're not getting the drugs they need to save them by Mrs King (The Woman King). Helo does some investigation when the others don't believe there's anything worth investigating. Further investigations lead him to believe Dr. Mike Roberts is killing Sagitarrons. Prominent Sagittarons include Tom Zarek and Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla. Sagittarons don't believe in medicine.

Eventually Dr. Cottle does his investigations on the bodies of the dead. Cottle reveals that in the bodies of the dead is a poison which he had missed earlier. Dr. Mike Roberts eventually admits killing the Sagittarons, saving the medicine for those who believe in medicine and who would benefit from it.


Kara disappears during a battle and then reappears six months later saying she has found Earth. Everyone is sceptical that she has indeed found Earth. William eventually decides to allow Kara to prove her point by taking the Demetrius and visiting the area she reported seeing the planet. Whilst Kara is the lead officer on the ship, Helo is second in command. When it comes time to return back to the fleet, Kara demands that they continue. Helo resigns to protest at her decision. When Gaeta also declines her order, Helo overrules Kara and that's when Lt. Felix Gaeta is accidentally shot. Gaeta's left will eventually have to be removed.

Kara wins out and the crew wait until the very last moment after Kara has gone to investigate her hunch. Just before the Demetrius is about to make the jump back to the fleet, a badly damaged Cylon Basestar containing Kara appears.

Lt. Karl Agathon ( Helo ) Facts

Alien RaceKobolian ( 2003 )
AllegianceThe Battlestar Galactica
ActorTahmoh Penikett

Copyright: Vivendi Universal

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