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Lieutenant Jadzia Dax - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Jadzia Dax from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Terry Farrell.

Jadzia Dax is a fictional female Trill in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Terry Farrell. Jadzia Dax holds the rank of Lieutenant .

Jadzia is a trill with a symbiont inside. During her time on the Deep Space Nine, she was courted by Worf. When she died, her symbiont was transplanted into Lieutenant Ezri Dax. Captain Benjamin Sisko used to call her old man because the symbiont used to be inside an older man before it was transplanted into Jadzia.

Past Hosts

Joran Dax

It was believed that Jadzia was the seventh host for the Trill symbiont but in Equilibrium, it is discovered that another host hosted the Dax symbiont. According to the Trill Government, only about 1% of hosts are eligible to host a symbiont but the truth is that half of hosts are eligible. If the truth was revealed then symbionts would be fought over and so the truth was locked away.

Joran Dax was a pyschopath who killed. Because of the things that Joran had done, memories of Joran were supressed until reawoken during a party that Benjamin Sisko was hosting. Joran was supposed to be an unsuitable host but he had slipped through the net. The fact that the host and symbiont worked, it upset the official line that a the number of eligible hosts is small. If the truth was out, there'd be a riot amongst the hosts wanting a symbiont.

Curzon Dax

Before the Trill symbiont was inserted into the host Jadzia, the symbiont was part of a man called Curzon. Curzon's Symbiont and Captain Benjamin Sisko have been friends before either of them stepped onto the Deep Space 9.

When Benjamin tells Jadzia that he's having trouble with his son, Jadzia reveals that in her previous lives as a father and mother, she didn't do that well and couldn't possibly give the correct advice for Benjamin.

Love and Romance


In the episode Meridian, Jadzia gets her first love interest. When Jadzia and the rest of the Defiant crew travel down to a planet called Meridian, Jadzia falls in love with one of the inhabitants. Jadzia is willing to leave Starfleet to join him and tends her resignation.

Meridian is a planet phases between two planes of existence. Julian Bashir alters Jadzia's molecules to allow her to transfer into the other realm, it doesn't work. Her love interest goes to the other realm but she stays here. Meridian is the name of the planet.


It is frowned upon if Trills who had been married to one another in past relationships find attraction to another in a later life. In this episode, Jadzia comes face to face with a previous hosts wife. Despite being warned not to, the two trills share a tender kiss with one another.


Since Worf first appeared on the series, there's been an undertone but their relationship really takes off in Looking for the par'Mach in All the Wrong Places where its Jadzia who makes the first move at the end of the episode. From that moment on, the relationship gets stronger. At the end of the episode, they are already talking about getting married after its implied that they've made love.

The relationship goes all the way, right up to the end of series 6 when they are due to get married. Whilst Jadzia is getting ready for the marriage, she is killed by a possessed Gul Dukat before they become man and wife.

Jadzia Dax's Best and Worst Episodes


Although it was a bit of a slow episode, it does show the previous hosts for the Dax symbiont. During a hosts lifetime, they experience the zhian'tara ritual when personalities of previous hosts are transported to willing subjects so that they can communicate with the latest host. A guardian transports the personality into another body for a short time, enough time to communicate. One of the hosts that gets transmitted is the murderer host who is transported into Benjamin Sisko. The killer tries to not be returned but is unsuccessful.

It is only a best episode as we get to see other Dax personalities. All the senior crew members including Odo and Quark take part in the ceremony and help out.

Jadzia Dax Facts

Alien RaceTrill
ActorTerry Farrell
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