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Lieutenant Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) - Battlestar Galactica

Sharon Valerii from Battlestar Galactica played by Grace Park.

Sharon Valerii is a fictional female Cylon (2003) pilot in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was played on screen by Grace Park. Sharon Valerii holds the rank of Lieutenant.

In the new series of Battlestar Galactica, Boomer claims to be from Aerelon, although she is a Cylon spy. There are many copies of Sharon, one based on-board the Galactica, another who helps Helo survive Caprica.

The original Lieutenant Boomer was a African-American male but in the re-imagined series, the character was played by an actress of Korean race.


It is first revealed that Boomer is a Cylon at the end of the Mini-series when the Cylons arrive at the Ragnar station to pick up a Leoben Conoy clone who had been left there by the Colonial Fleet.

On board the Galactica, Boomer has a relationship with Senior Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol which they try to keep a secret. Colonel Saul Tigh discovers the relationship and forces the two of them to end the relationship so it doesn't cause problems for the Colonials.

Boomer doesn't realise she is a Cylon, she believes she is but is unsure. Boomer visits Doctor Gaius Baltar and asks him to test the Cylon detector out on her. The Cylon detector works but Baltar can't bring himself round to telling her she is a Cylon. Baltar tells her she's human and he tells Adama that the device needs to be corrected.

It is only when Boomer is sent on a mission with Lieutenant Margaret 'Racetrack' Edmondson that she finds out that she's a Cylon. Whilst on board the Cylon Basestar, she is confronted by implied naked copies of herself. The copies are in the dark except for their faces which are visible. Boomer continues with the mission and destroys the Cylon Basestar. When she returns to the Galctica, she shoots Commander William Adama on the command deck of Battlestar Galactica. Boomer is subsequently arrested and charged over the murder. When Boomer is being led down a corridor to be returned to prison, Cally ( Battlestar ) appears from nowhere and shots Boomer. The spirit of Galactica-Sharon is reborn on a Resurrection Ship and struggles to fit in.


Lieutenant Helo gave up his seat for Doctor Gaius Baltar as Helo believed that Gaius's intelligence would be of more benefit to the fleet more than Helo would be. Helo was forced to survive on the damaged Caprica. Helo was being watched by a Number Six clone, an Aaron Doral clone and a Boomer clone. The watching Boomer is instructed to go and interact with Helo which she duly does. Helo honestly thought it was Boomer and referred to her, he wasn't to know it was anyone else.

Caprica-Sharon seduces Helo as they survive on the planet avoiding the Cylons. Helo eventually discovers the truth about Boomer when he sees clones of her in the town. Caprica-Sharon convinces Helo that she is pregnant with their child before leaving the planet in a ship that Kara had used to get to Caprica from Galactica. The child, a baby girl is subsequently born. President Laura Roslin has visions of a girl which she believes to be Helo's child. It is discovered that Laura's cancer can be cured with the blood from the child which they try.

The Boomer character that was with Helo and subsequently became his lover, mother to his child and then wife was named Athena to distinguish between the two Boomers. Athena is led to believe her daughter has died but President Laura Roslin had hidden the baby amongst the fleet. Sadly, during the rescue of the colonials on New-Caprica, the baby Hera falls into the Cylon hands. When Boomer as part of a visiting party to the Galactica, the truth of Hera is revealed to Athena who then becomes angry. Adama confronts Roslin to find out the truth of the baby in which she reveals the truth. (The Eye of Jupiter)

Athena kept having visions of seeing Athena in a theatre hall running away and into the arms of a Number Six clone who then with Doctor Gaius Baltar walk into the bright light. One day whilst looking after Hera, the little girl runs off and is picked up by Natalie. Athena thinking that the dream has come real, shoots Natalie dead. Boomer is confined to the Brig.

Kara's Hospital Escape

When Lieutenant Kara Thrace was escaping from a Cylon hospital, she ran into an operating room where it looked like the original, biological Boomer was connected to a machine. Kara didn't save Boomer as she didn't have time and believed her to be dead anyway.

Cylon Civil War

When Brother John Cavil tried to organise the Cylons around his thinking, he manipulated Boomer to change sides to what her Cylon model was thinking and then win the argument. It didn't go too well for John as Number Six wreaked revenge by killing John Cavill only for him to resurrect and then get his own back.

Sharon Valerii Facts

Alien RaceCylon (2003)
ActorGrace Park
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She Rocks. My favourite character... too bad she seems to be a cylon. I really kind of liked her
You need a correction here - "Boomer" is a Cylon! :-)
I like her even if she is a cylon. She is my favorite on the show.
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