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Lieutenant Starbuck (Original Series) - Battlestar Galactica

Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica played by Dirk Benedict.

Starbuck is a fictional male Kobolian in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was played on screen by Dirk Benedict. Starbuck holds the rank of Lieutenant within the Battlestar Galactica.

Lieutenant Starbuck was one of the senior members of the Colonial Viper Pilots along with Capt. Apollo who he has a close working relationship with.

In the opening episode, he feigns an injury so that Apollo's eager little brother is able to take part in his first patrol. Sadly, Zak Adama is not able to return because the Cylons were waiting to launch their attack. Apollo had to get back to warn the fleet.

Lieutenant Starbucks' Relationships

Starbuck and Lieutenant Athena

Lieutenant Starbuck was a young womaniser which would get the better of him. At the start of the series, he was in a relationship with Lieutenant Athena. Lieutenant Athena was a bridge officer who would later become a teacher. Lieutenant Athena was the sister of Capt. Apollo and daughter of Commander Adama. He quickly moves on from her to Cassiopeia.

Starbuck and Cassiopeia

When Starbuck was ordered to check out one of the survivor ships, he came across Cassiopeia, a blonde socialite from the planet of Gemenon. Lieutenant Starbuck promised to get her away from the ship to better quarters and lived up to it. Before Starbuck has ended his relationship with Athena, Lt Athena catches him with Cassiopeia and makes it a little difficult for him.

Although first introduced as a socialite in the opening episodes, Cassiopeia become a medical expert. When a Colonial team attack the Cylon installation on Gamoray, Cassiopeia assists and takes part in the operation.

Starbuck and Aurora

Before Lieutenant Athena and Cassiopeia, there was Aurora, a young brunette. When the war happened, Starbuck believed he had lost Aurora and that she was dead. He tried in vain to find her but failed to succeed. He comes across Aurora gain at a promotion ceremony for Kronos, the captain of the Celestra. Aurora has moved on. Starbuck goes to visit Aurora on the Celestra but she is taking part in a mutiny. Their relationship is resolved and they go their separate ways. Aurora has found someone of her own. Take the Celestra

Lieutenant Starbuck's Family


During a recruitment video interview in The Man with Nine Lives, Starbuck reveals that he is an orphan who was found on his own in plains of Caprica. He never knew his father. In the same episode an elderly man called Chameleon claims to be Starbucks father in a ploy to get off the Rising Sun and onto the Battlestar Galactica to get away from people who want to kill him.

Cassiopeia carries out a D.N.A. test on Chameleon to see if he is telling the truth. When Cassiopeia has finished her tests, she reveals that Chameleon really is Starbucks father. As Starbuck said he would leave the colonial army if the tests were true, Chameleon made Cassiopeia not to tell Starbuck which she reluctantly does. The role of Chameleon is played by legendary actor, Fred Astaire.

Gun on Ice Planet

When the Galactica discover a large gun on an Ice Planet, a group of Colonials are despatched. The Colonials do not make it back, some are captured. Starbuck feels responsibility for those captured. When Apollo recruits a team to get down to the planet and destroy the gun, Starbuck elects to go. Apollo knows that Starbuck doesn't have winter combat skills but allows Starbuck to go.

A Colonial team visit the planet and plan to assault the gun by blowing it up. Lieutenant Starbuck takes the opportunity whilst down on the planet to rescue those Colonials who have been captured.

Return of Starbuck

There was an attempt in 1980 to revitalise the Battlestar Galactica series with new cast members. Boxey, the child who Apollo had looked after Boxey's mum was killed had grown up and become a Colonial Pilot in his own.

There was an episode called Return of Starbuck where one of the senior leaders of the Galactica, a child had a vision of Lieutenant Starbuck. Starbuck had crash landed on a desert planet and had learned to survive. Starbuck had found a Cylon machine which he reprogrammed to become a helper.

The episode shows Starbuck surviving but he doesn't make it back to the fleet, he is still on the planet alone. It is a kind of updated version of Robinson Crusoe set in space.

Lieutenant Templeton 'Faceman' Peck

After the series was cancelled, Dirk Benedict was tapped up to replace Tim Dunigan as Templeton Peck in the A-Team series. Tim had played Peck in the pilot episode but the producers felt he wasn't the right fit. They felt Tim was too young. As Dirk had played a womaniser in the Galactica series, they thought he would be ideal for this character. The rest, they say is history.

In the opening credits of 'The A-Team', a Cylon walks past Peck, where Peck gives the impression he recognises the silver machine but doesn't actually say anything. The in-joke was allegedly Dirks idea.

Starbuck Facts

Alien RaceKobolian
AllegianceThe Battlestar Galactica
ActorDirk Benedict
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