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Lyra Erso

Lyra Erso is a fictional female character who works for Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars franchise. She has been portrayed on screen by Valene Kane. Lyra Erso is the mother of the Jyn Erso, Rebel Team known as Rogue One. She was married to Galen Erso. When Director Krennic finally caught up with Galen Erso, she told her daughter to go and hide then went to confront Krennic. Knowing all too well that she was heavily outnumbered, she still fired a gun at Krennic, hitting him in the shoulder. The black stormtroopers with Krennic returned fire and killed Lyra.

Lyra is also the name of a non-Zodiac constellation know as Lyra, the Lyre.

Lyra Erso Fact File

AllegianceRebel Alliance
ActorValene Kane

Copyright: Lucasfilm

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