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Madeleine Swann - James Bond, 007

Madeleine Swann from James Bond

Madeleine Swann is a fictional female Human in the James Bond, 007 film series who was played on screen by Lea Seydoux. Madeleine Swann is the estranged daughter of Mr White, the leader of the criminal organisation Quantum. When James Bond manages to track down Mr White to Austria, Mr White gets Bond to promise to protect his one and only daughter before the seriously ill Mr White commits suicide.

Madeleine is a psychologist working in an Austrian clinic high in the hills. Unwittingly, James Bond leads Mr Hinx to her location requiring James to use an airplane to rescue her. After her rescue, the two of them travel to Tunisia to locate something that can help them track down Franz Oberhauser.

Whilst on a train journey in Morocco, they face off against Mr Hinx for one final time before arriving at Oberhauser's meteor crater hideout. Madeleine is shown the final moments of her father's life which James Bond is unable to prevent her from seeing.

When James is tied up, it is Swann who manages to help James escape with the exploding watch and they escape before the place blows up. They return to the UK to face Oberhauser for one last time at the damaged headquarters of M.I.6..

Madeleine although she hates guns, is adept at using a gun. When Madeleine was young, she used a gun to protect her father and that incident has haunted her since then.

Madeleine Swann is the first female character outside of working for MI6 to return. It is believed she will be killed off at the start prompting James Bond to go out for revenge.

Madeleine Swann Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorLea Seydoux
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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