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Malcolm Reed - Star Trek - Enterprise

Malcolm Reed from Star Trek - Enterprise played by Dominic Keating.

Malcolm Reed is a fictional male Human in the Star Trek - Enterprise television series who was portrayed on screen by Dominic Keating. Malcolm is the head of the armoury, in other words, Chief of security. He comes from the United Kingdom and was sought out for the role by Captain Jonathon Archer. He has a good relationship with all the crew members and gets on well with Commander Charles Trip Tucker.

When Trip and Malcolm visit the planet Risa, the relaxation planet, they're robbed of everything including most of their clothes. They work together to get their possessions back. They keep the incident quiet from the rest of the crew.

During the mission to the Delphic Expanse (series 3), another security officer joins the crew which makes Malcolm slightly jealous which shows through.

His family consists of a mother (Mary), father (Stuart) and a sister (Madeline) which feature briefly in Silent Enemy. He has a great uncle who served onboard the British Royal Navy ship HMS Clement who sadly died in a collision between the ship and a mine from an unmentioned war.

Malcolm Reed Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe USS Enterprise NX-01
SpaceshipUSS Enterprise NX-01
ActorDominic Keating

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