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Marcus Boone - Dark Matter

Marcus Boone from Dark Matter played by Anthony Lemke.

Marcus Boone is a fictional male Human in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Anthony Lemke. Marcus Boone is also known as Three as he was the third person to wake up from stasis and like the rest of the crew is also a wanted murderer for crimes that he can't remember doing. Marcus is only in it for himself. When the Raza has machine complications in Episode 3 of the first series, he manages to manipulate Four into taking control of the ship and ignoring the wishes of the rest of the crew and taking the ship to light speed away. The rest of the crew are busy trying to rescue Android who is caught outside and can't get back into the ship.

Marcus is only in things for himself. If he can get a quick buck or it is advantageous for him to do something, he'll do it and screw the rest. If he can persuade others then he'll do it. The character is probably modelled on Han Solo given the way he acts and talks.

Alternate Universe

In the alternate universe episode 'Stuff to steal, people to kill', Marcus is romantically involved with Portia Lin and is also having a hidden relationship with Tash. In that episode he has to try and balance things out so that he doesn't get caught out and blow the whole point of him and Portia being on the other Raza to obtain the blink device. Tash was a mercenary that appeared in the first series who was killed by the crew when her leader tried to take control of the Raza.

When the alternate Marcus and Portia return in the series, they are hiding out on a prison ship. Marcus and Portia make a deal with one of the others to escape. Marcus and Portia are true to their word and escape from the prison and then take control of the ship and kill everyone onboard including the person who was helping them.

Titch, Marcus's Childhood

Earlier on in the series, Emily Kolburn experiences a memory of someone young on a farm. The person goes by the name of Titch but she doesn't know who it is. Kal Varrick is watching the dream but he doesn't see who Titch is, he just sees Emily in the place of Titch. The person in question had a happy childhood according to Emily.

Titch is later revealed to be Marcus Boone when he was a youngster. He with his family but then his family were massacred and he was the only person left alive. He was rescued and bought up by a group of criminals. The criminals turned him into a criminal.

He would later bump into the people who made him who he is today on a space station. "His Family" offer him a job which he accepts and goes down to the planet where the target is. Part of the job is to kill someone but when it comes to the boy, Marcus turns on his family to save the boy.

Marcus's Relationships

In Episode 7, we learn that Marcus has a soft and romantic side to him when they revive a woman called Sarah who was in stasis, Sarah saved Marcus when he was injured and cared him back to health. Sarah suffered from Deteranns disease, a disease that affect miners primarily and that Sarah will die. Marcus got her on board the Raza in stasis in the hope of looking after her. However at the same time as finding Sarah, they found an entertainment android Wendy who went ballistic onboard, taking control of the ship and targeting a nearby Star. During the incident, Sarah's life support is turned off and Sarah dies.

Marcus sleeps with Portia Lin which makes Derrick Moss jealous because Derrick really likes Portia. However it would seem to be a one off as the relationship doesn't go anywhere.

When a virus infiltrates the Raza's computers and makes people hallucinate, Sarah seemingly returns from the dead to try and trick Marcus into killing himself. Kal Varrick breaks into the apartment and prevents Marcus from carrying out the killing.

When Marcus discovered Emily Kolburn had stowed away onboard the craft, he put Emily in an airlock. He didn't want any children or stowaways. Marcus Boone found out what he was doing and released her. Marcus said he was only doing it to scare Emily. In Wish I'd spaced you when i had the chance, when Emily gets kidnapped, Marcus goes off to rescue her without waiting or letting the others know. After he rescued her, they ran and he got shot. He expected not to survive and told Emily to go without him but she saw through him and knew why he was saying what he was saying and stayed with him.

Marcus' true love Sarah's memories and personality are found in the ships computers. Emily has managed to work out a way of making a virtual reality world for Sarah to exists which she keeps secret from everyone. It is only when Android is able to break into the virtual world containing Sarah that the truth is revealed. With reluctance, Marcus visits Sarah in the virtual world.

Surviving the EOS-7 Explosion

Marcus was captured by a Galactic Authority security officer and taken to a rocky planet and handcuffed. The two men would eventually work together to destroy a security drone that was hunting them in the warehouse. The Galactic Authority Officer would eventually allow Marcus to escape as a thank you for saving the lives of both of them.

Deja-Vu Boone

Marcus discovers that he seems to keep repeating the day but no one believes him. For how many times he keeps repeating, it is not revealed but its a lot. During the time, he gets to learn French from the Android as way of persuading the other crew members that he's not making up the story about repeating the day.

Marcus repeats the day whenever he is knocked out or shot. Its only when another member of the crew experiences the deja-vu effect that they are able to believe Marcus. It all started when Marcus touched a machine and from that point onwards, he would repeat the day. Only when Android experiments with the machine that they decide to destroy the machine and stop the events repeating.

Marcus Boone Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorAnthony Lemke
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