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Martha Jones

Martha Jones is a fictional female human assistant who works for Tenth Doctor in the Doctor Who franchise. She has been portrayed on screen by Freema Agyeman. Martha becomes The Doctor`s first non-white fellow traveller. She`s a Doctor too, a Medical Doctor that is. Martha meets the Doctor when the Judoon borrow St. Thomas` Hospital and take it to the moon. Bored with medicine, Martha takes off with the Doctor.

The last we see of Martha is David Tennant`s Doctor is about to regenerate, the Doctor visits a war zone where Martha is a soldier who has hooked up with Mickey, Rose Tyler`s boyfriend. Still trying to work out how that happened, how they got together. It is revealed that they are married in the episode. The last time we heard from Mickey was when he went to the other dimension in the multiverse to stay with his blind gran.

Martha only stayed for one season before moving on for other things. Martha made a few appearances in the adult version of the series set in Cardiff known as Torchwood but that was only brief

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