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Medivh is a fictional male in the Warcraft series. The character was portrayed on screen by Ben Foster. His allegiance / loyalty is to The Alliance. In the game lore, Medivh is a powerful warlock who opens a portal between Azeroth and Draenor to allow the Orcs through. Medivh opens the portal with Gul'dan's help who is on Draenor.

Medivh lives in a large tower known as Karazhan that will probably feature in the movie. The picture below is what I believe is to be Karazhan in the movie. Medivh was possessed by Sargeras, the fallen Titan God. It is unlikely that Sargeras will feature in the film. In the game, the portal was opened in swamp lands as seen in the The Black Morass - Opening the Dark Portal.

Medivh lives in the castle with his man servant Moroes who is also a boss in the raid of the same name, Karazhan. In the game, Moroes is a Forsaken but as the Forsaken will not appear in this film, he'll have a human demeanor.

Karazhan in the <a href=/film/warcraft>Warcraft</a> Movie.

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