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Medivh - Warcraft

Medivh from Warcraft played by Ben Foster.

Medivh is a fictional male in the Warcraft Warcraft series who was played on screen by Ben Foster. In the game lore, Medivh is a powerful warlock who opens a portal between Azeroth and Draenor to allow the Orcs through. Medivh opens the portal with Gul'dan's help who is on Draenor.

Medivh and Karazhan Tower

Medivh lives in a large tower known as Karazhan that will probably feature in the movie. The picture below is Karazhan in the movie. Karazhan in the game is also a large tower and a raid instance in the first expansion of the game, World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade. Medivh is known as the Guardian, a powerful Mage who is a protector of the lands. Before the Orcs arrived, no one had had any contact with Medivh for six years, six years in which he could be turned. Only the King, in this case, Llane Wrynn can summon the Guardian to help. Instead of going himself, Llane sends his brother in law, Anduin Lothar.

Karazhan in the Warcraft Movie.

Medivh lives alone in the tower alone but has the company of Moroes, the Karazhan tower. Moroes doesn't realise that Medivh has been possessed. When Medivh needs fel energy, Medivh has no reservations about sucking the life from his servants and ends up killing him.

Medivh and Khadgar

Medivh first meets Khadgar when Khadgar accompanies Anduin to the tower. When Khadgar looks round the library, his Kirin Tor tattoo tingles. Khadgar gets a bit too close and Medivh decides to teach the young Khadgar a lesson which Anduin just watches and laughs.

Medivh discovers that the portal was already here and when Medivh discovers that Khadgar had been looking into things, Medivh destroys the evidence except one piece of paper which he uses to show Anduin. Medivh tells Khadgar to leave things out of it.

Medivh and Anduin Lothar

Medivh loyalty is to the crown and when King Llane Wrynn comes under attack from Orcs in the Blackrock mountain area, Medivh throws up a shield to protect the King and a number of Stormwind soldiers. On the outside of the shield is Callan Lothar, Anduin's son. Anduin is forced to watch his son be killed by Blackhand.

After disrespecting the king, Lothar is put in prison. Lothar is released by Khadgar who then takes them both to Karazhan to confront Medivh. Medivh has finished his Golem and brought it to life. Khadgar deals with Medivh whilst Lothar deals with the Golem. Eventually Medivh shows his true form, a demon as he killed.

Medivh in World of Warcraft

Medivh is the person who opened the dark portal and allowed the Orcs to come through. The Dark Portal was opened in swampland known as the Blasted Lands. It is no longer swampland, it has become desert at the southern end of Eastern Kingdom.

There is a dungeon called The Black Morass - Opening the Dark Portal where you actively have to help Medivh to open the portal. Dragons and dragonkins are preventing Medivh from opening the dungeon which if they had done so would create a paradox in time and space and could cause disruption in the time space continuum.

Medivh pops up again in the Karazhan raid but you don't ever confront him. In the lore, Medivh was Sargeras in disguise. Sargeras is the Titan leader of the Burning Legion, the group that is hellbent on destroying everything that exists in the Warcraft universe.

Medivh Facts

AllegianceThe Alliance
ActorBen Foster
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