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Princess Mera of Xebel - Justice League

Mera from Justice League played by Amber Heard.

Mera is a fictional female in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by Amber Heard. Mera was first briefly introduced in Batman Vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice when Steppenwolf steals the Atlantean Mother Box. Mera was only in the film briefly to introduce her to the film goers. Mera had tried to prevent Steppenwolf leave with the box but they failed and he got away. Whilst Arthur Curry a.k.a. Aquaman went off to join the Justice League, Mera was seen no more in the film.

Mera makes for a bigger splash in the Aquaman. The events of the previous film seem to be put to one side as Mera introduces herself to him at the start of the Aquaman as if they hadn't met before.

Mera wants Arthur to come to Atlantis to unseat King Orm, Arthur's brother who wants to start a war on those who live above the water. Arthur wants nothing what is so ever to do with them. Its only when there's an attempt on the life of Arthur's father that Arthur accepts his calling.

Arthur challenges King Orm to the throne and things don't look good for Arthur so Mera intervenes to rescue him. Mera and Arthur begin a search for the Trident of Neptune, a golden three pronged spear. The adventure takes them to both over land and under water to get the trident that will allow Arthur to take his rightful seat in Atlantis.

Mera is the daughter of King Nereus of Xebel. She is betrothed to King Orm, Arthur's half brother. Mera doesn't want to be married to Orm and sees Arthur as being the answer to get out of the marriage. Mera also wants to stop the war that will happen soon between those underwater and those on land. Mera believes that the superior technology that the Atlanteans have will result in a massacre of the land walkers.

Mera is no shrinking violet, she can handle her own against any enemy. Mera doesn't need Arthur to come to her rescue, she is able to defeat her enemy with her own skills. Where Arthur is able to talk to fish life, Mera is able to control water. When Arthur's father was drowning, Mera was able to pull water out from his lungs to save him. She can also clear water and direct water to hurt her enemies.

Amber Heard is not the first person to appear in live-action as Mera. Mera first appeared in the episode Patriot with her husband Aquaman in the Smallville television series in 2010, the final series of the show.

Mera Facts

AllegianceThe Justice League
ActorAmber Heard
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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