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Misaki Han-Shireikan - Dark Matter

Misaki Han-Shireikan from Dark Matter played by Ellen Wong.

Misaki Han-Shireikan is a fictional female Human in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Ellen Wong. Misaki was a guest character in the second series before being promoted to that of a main character in the third series.

Misaki's Love for Ryo Tetsuda

Misaki is a childhood friend of Ryo Tetsuda and holds a candle for him in the hope that they can be together as lovers. Misaki will kill whoever is in her way to get to her man. When Misaki is sent by Ryo to steal the Blink drive from the Raza, Misaki comes face to face with Nyx Harper who Ryo is having a relationship with. Misaki kills Nyx by slicing her arm with a poison tipped sword. When Ryo finds out, he confronts her but her response is that it makes him weak.

Her first appearance is when Misaki is sent to pick up Ryo from the prison asteroid where he is being held after Kal Varrick betrayed the crew of the Raza to the Galactic Authority. There is a sword fight but Ryo manages to escape unharmed,

Ryo's Bodyguard

Misaki is a trusted member of the Emperor's inner circle and when a member of the populace attempts to assassinate Ryo, Misaki notices the sweat on the mans forehead and intervenes therefore saving the Emperor.

Betraying Emperor Tetsuda

With the war going bad and Emperor Tetsuda's plans failing, Misaki decides that she need to help the revolution on the planet. Tetsuda is loosing the respect of the people, they are revolting against him. The people are on the edge of the palace walls.

Misaki loyalty is to the throne of the people rather than to the Emperor himself. With the government falling apart, she along with a number of soldiers confront the Emperor. With Misaki's back turned, her soldiers fight it out with Tetsuda for them all to be defeated. After the soldiers have been killed, it is Misaki's turn and she seems to be winning. Right when Misaki is able to kill Ryo, Portia arrives and kills Misaki.

Misaki Han-Shireikan Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorEllen Wong
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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