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Morgana is a fictional female human who works for Morgana in the Merlin franchise. She has been portrayed on screen by Katie McGrath. The half-sister of Arthur who wishes to bring down the house of Pendragon so that she may become queen and rule over Camelot. She uses stealth tactics to win the heart of her father but does not convince Merlin of her sincerity. She works to bring down the Pendragon family from within but being a doting daughter but all the time, she is scheming with her uncle or Morgause to bring them down. In the original legend, she has an incestuous sexual encounter with her brother Prince Arthur but in this family based entertainment show, this part of the legend is overlooked. In this production, Mordred is a druid who still aligned with Morgana works within as a knight.

Morgana Fact File

Alien RaceHuman
ActorKatie McGrath

Copyright: BBC

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