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Moroes - Warcraft

Moroes from Warcraft played by Callum Keith Rennie.

Moroes is a fictional male Human in the Warcraft television series who was portrayed on screen by Callum Keith Rennie. Moroes is the caretaker to Karazhan tower. In the film, he does nothing except greet people and show them to his master, Medivh. It doesn't end well for Moroes as when Medivh needs energy, Medivh doesn't think twice but suck life energy from Moroes.

Moroes in World of Warcraft

Moroes appears as a boss in Karazhan, both the dungeon and raid. Unlike in the film, Moroes is a Forsaken rogue with knives. He is chief waiter in the dining hall. In Return to Karazhan, he is seen in the cinematic for the dungeon as returning from death and welcoming the Burning Legion in to the place. Returning from dead, meaning he was killed in the original raid.

Moroes Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Horde
ActorCallum Keith Rennie

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