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Moroes is a fictional male Human in the Warcraft series. The character was portrayed on screen by Callum Keith Rennie. His allegiance / loyalty is to The Horde. In the game, Moroes was an insignificant dungeon boss in the Karazhan dungeon and he was one of the first dungeon bosses you encountered in the raid. Moroes is the head waiter in Karazhan, answerable to his boss Medivh, the warlock who opens the portal on Azeroth so that the Orcs from Draenor can flood through. In the game, he is Forsaken, a human who was ravaged by the Scourge virus that was unleashed on Azeroth..

In the film, Moroes is a human, not yet affected by the disease. Moroes serves his master to the fullest. Moroes doesn't do any fighting, just wanders round Karazhan and welcoming the guests. In addition to Moroes, there's also a Golem, one of the bosses from the Karazhan raid that makes an appearance.

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