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Natasha `Black Widow` Romanoff - The Avengers

Natasha Romanoff from The Avengers played by Scarlett Johansson.

Natasha Romanoff is a fictional female Human in the The Avengers comic series who was played on screen by Scarlett Johansson. Natasha Romanoff has been in the Avenger films since her first appearance in Iron Man 2. She also appeared in Captain America 2, Winter Warrior.

There has not been a film based on her character yet but after the success of Wonder Woman in the D.C. universe, Marvel have produced Captain Marvel and have put Black Widow into action.

Unlike other characters such as Spiderman and Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff does not have any superhuman powers. Natasha is a superspy, the nearest you are going to get to a female James Bond.

Natasha has been trained to become a spy and an assassin from a very young age, working for the Russians. She was highly effective in both hand and weapon fighting and proved to be a very valuable asset for the Russians.

Romance and Friendship

S.H.I.E.L.D. saw that Natasha was a very skillful operative working for the Russians. They sent Clint Barton, the archer over to Russia to take her out. Clint didn't do as he was ordered and instead brought her onboard. Whether the Black Widow film will show her being brought into S.H.I.E.L.D. is open. Since becoming a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, both Clint and Natasha have become close friends. There is no romance between Clint and Natasha as Clint is already married with three children.

Natasha has grown close to Bruce Banner and it is usually Natasha who comes to calm and soothe Bruce after he has turned into the Hulk. Natasha will hold Bruce's hand and sometimes sing to him. Bruce can return to normal without Natasha as he has done when he was on Sataar, forced to fight in an arena by the Grandmaster.

In the comics, she was born in Stalingrad during the Second World War. Natasha was once married to test pilot Alexei Shostakov who would later fake his own death. Alexei would become known as the Red Guardian and encounter Natasha later on. Only when Alexei was killed did Natasha learn the truth.

First Appearance

Natasha first appeared in the Avenger films when she was sent by Nick Fury to evaluate Tony Stark. Tony is a billionnaire Industrialist who made his money by making and selling hi-tech technolgy and weapons. Natasha first appeared in Iron Man 2.

Civil War

When The Avengers splintered due to a disagreement between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark over the Superhuman Registration Act, Natasha was in support of the act and took Tony Stark's side in the disagreement. However during the final fight, Natasha switches sides and joins Steve Rogers.

Style and Appearance

Natasha proves as capable as any man, she does not any man riding to her rescue. At the start of the Avengers movie, she has been captured and is being interrogated, her hands behind her back, she manages to break free and escape. The mistake by the kidnappers had been not to tie her feet up.

When she first appears, she has long red hair but as the she goes through the films, her hair straightens, shortens and then by Infinity Wars, it has become blonde. She is predominantly seen wearing black hence her nickname. When she was required to go undercover to infiltrate Stark Industries, she wore a white blouse and a black and white dress.

In Endgame, her red hair has grown long with the bottom of the hair being blonde. The idea of that was to show being downtrodden. Her character could have recoloured it or cut off the blonde but Natasha felt there was no need to do either.

Avengers - Infinity Wars / Endgame

Natasha was present for both of the films. She was one of the lucky ones not to have been distintegrated although some might say that she was unlucky not too turn to dust. The group go off to find Thanos with the help of Carol Danvers who has arrived on Earth after rescuing Tony Stark and Nebula who were trapped in space. The Avengers locate Thanos who now lives on a planet on his own and exact revenge by killing him.

When Scott Lang turns up at the Avengers mansion having escaped the Quantum Realm, the group set about changing what has happened. Natasha is sent to Japan to persuade Hawkeye to come back and help which he reluctantly does so.

The Avengers are split into teams to different times and locations to steal the stones out of history. The group knows where the stones are to be found as nebula tells the group where the items are. Natasha visits Vormir to steal the Soul Stone. Red Skull appears to tell them that the only way they are going to get their stone is if one of them sacrifices themselves for the stone. The two Avengers fight over who will sacrifice themselves and in the end, Natasha kills herself. Hawkeye is able to return back to his family once it is all resolved.

The Future Black Widow Movie

Stung by D.C. having produced the first female led super hero movie, Marvel was on catch up. The first female movie that Marvel did was on Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel instead of Black Widow. Scarlet Johannson was too busy making the Avenger films to be sparred to make her own stand alone movie so they turned to a different character.

With Black Widow having committed suicide to save Hawkeye in Endgame, the only logical way to create a film around her would be a prequel. Theories on the film could be about her being recruited by Hawkeye into the Avengers. It could involve the Red Guardian and how she became who she is.

They probably won't set her origin story in the Second World War like they did with the first Steve Rogers (Captain America) film. What they probably will do is have her saved from a burning building when she was a baby and bought up by a soldier as in the comics.

Natasha Romanoff Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Avengers
ActorScarlett Johansson
Last UpdatedSaturday, May 4, 2019

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