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Nebula - The Avengers

Nebula from The Avengers played by Karen Gillan.

Nebula is a fictional female in the The Avengers comic series who was played on screen by Karen Gillan. Nebula was adopted by Thanos and is a trusted lieutenant of Ronan.

She is the female villain of the film and will be seen tracking the Guardians of the Galaxy. The characters name is also an astronomical term, Nebula. Marvel have used other astronomical terms for character names such as Nova, pulsar and quasar. Only Nebula has made it into the movies.

Over time, she will swap sides and work to thwart Thanos with her sister Gamora and try to save the universe from the Infinity Stones. She grew up with a dislike from her sister Gamora but her dislike soon turns round and they become close as sisters get.


Apparently in the Endgame film, Nebula appeared the most out of all the female characters including Natasha Romanoff and Carol Danvers.

In Endgame, there are two Nebula's, one that is from the past and the one that was allied and helped The Avengers. The Avengers Nebula went with James Rhodes to the planet Morag to steal the Power stone before Peter Quill is able to sieze it. Avengers Nebula is captured by Thanos's forces and the Nebula loyal to Thanos took the other one's place.

Past-Nebula was able to return to the Avengers and then open a portal for Thanos to come through and cause death and destruction on Earth.

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ActorKaren Gillan
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