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Neelix - Star Trek - Voyager

Neelix from Star Trek - Voyager played by Ethan Philips.

Neelix is a fictional male Talaxian in the Star Trek - Voyager television series who was played on screen by Ethan Philips. Neelix joins the crew of USS Voyager from the first episode, Caretaker when he offers to provide them with help on getting Voyager's crew back. All he wants in return is Kes, his Ocampan girlfriend and the chance to journey. He takes up a role as the ship's cook, providing them with meals not made from the replicator. Neelix joins the away parties whenever they need his help and assistance.

Talaxians and Jetrel

Large amount of Talaxians were wiped out by a weapon devised by Jetrel, a Haakonian scientist. Amongst those killed were Neelix's family. When Jetrel comes onboard the Voyager, Jetrel expresses remorse for what he has done. Neelix has a hard time believing him. Jetrel believes that he can undo the damage he has done for which Neelix is sceptical about. Janeway is willing to give the scientist a chance to prove what he has said. Sadly for Neelix, Jetrel is unable to undo the damage and Neelix's family remain dead.


During a transporter malfunction, Neelix and Tuvox are merged into a single entity (Tuvix) where they agonise over separate the two characters from Tuvix thus killing the merged entity to save two. Tuvix


During his journey, he is killed on an away mission to collect plasma from a nebula. Seven of Nine uses some Borg nanobots to revive him. During the time he was dead, he did not enter heaven and that plays on his mind and affects him deeply. He attempts to commit suicide but Chakotay manages to talk him round.


Near the end of the journey for the Voyager crew, the U.S.S. Voyager comes across an asteroid. On the asteroid is a community of Talaxians. After careful consideration, Neelix decides that he wants to stay with his kind on the asteroid. Homestead

Neelix Facts

Alien RaceTalaxian
AllegianceThe USS Voyager
SpaceshipUSS Voyager
ActorEthan Philips
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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