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Nog - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Nog from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Aron Eisenberg.

Nog is a fictional male Ferengi in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Aron Eisenberg. Nog is the son of Rom and nephew of Quark.

When the series first begins, Nog is way ward on the station just doing nothing. When Keiko O'Brien opens the first school on the station, Nog is instructed by his father to attend much to his disgust.

Nog is best friends with Jake Sisko who is the son of Benjamin Sisko, the man in charge of the spacestation for Starfleet.

In "Far Beyond the Star", Bejamin Sisko is unconscious and dreams about being an artist in the 1920's America. All the main characters appear without make-up. Nog appears without make-up as a newspaper seller at the start of the episode.

Nog and Women

Despite living amongst a collection of different races, Nog's attitude to women is still Ferengi. Ferengi treat women as second class citizens, women are not allowed to wear clothes or make money. Women are expected to chew the few for this male family members.

Life Support

In Life Support, when Jake announces that he has a date, Nog belives that Jake has got him a date. Jake relents and takes Nog on a double date. Nog's attitude to women causes frictions on the date especially when he instructs his date to chew his food for him. The date ends badly for both Nog and Jake as both females are repulsed by Nogs attitude.


Heart of Stone

In episode Heart of Stone, Nog reveals to Benjamin that he wants to become a Starfleet officer. No Ferengi has ever joined Starfleet so Nog wants to be the first which surprises Benjamin. Benjamin asks Jadzia to set Nog a task to document everything in cargo bay 12.

Nog excels at the task and discovers things that the Starfleet officers didn't know about. Benjamin is unconvinced that Nog is right to go to Starfleet but Nog convinces Benjamin otherwise. Nog explains to Benjamin that he doesn't want to end up like his father or his uncle Quark. Nog wants to excel in life and by joining Starfleet he believes it will allow him to achieve this goal.

The Visitor

In the episode The Visitor, Jake is recounting his life to a visitor. Jake tells the visitor that Nog is a Starfleet captain who in the past Jake was able to count on to get him to the wormhole to see his father as the wormhole was having an inversion.

Nog looses his Leg

During the "Siege of AR-558", Nog is with a group of Starfleet officers under siege from The Dominion on the planet AR-558 as per title. During the fight, Nog is hit on the leg and subsequently looses his leg. Nog is given a replacement leg which he finds painful to use.

When he returns to active duty onboard the Deep Space 9, he takes solace in the holodeck. During his time in the holodeck, he has the company of Vic Fontaine, a holographic singer and establishment owner. Even though he is only a holographic singer, he provides words of comfort and support for Vic. When it becomes clear that Nog doesn't want to leave, Vic takes drastic action which manages eventually works. "Its Only a Paper Moon".

When Vic's holodeck character becomes the target of a take-over by a virtual mobster, Nog is all too willing to lend a hand to help Vic get back the establishment. Nog takes on the role of the safe-cracker whilst Kassidy Yates and Miles O'Brien distract the guards. When the safe turns out to be harder than first thought, the group have to improvise until Nog is able to crack the safe. "Badda-Bing Badda Bang".

Nog Facts

Alien RaceFerengi
ActorAron Eisenberg
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