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Number Six - Battlestar Galactica

Number Six is a fictional female Cylon (2003) in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was played on screen by Tricia Helfer. Number Six is one of a number of Cylons that look the way she does. Unlike the other Models, Number Six was not given a name like the other models were such as Aaron Doral or Lieutenant Sharon Valerii a.k,a. Boomer.

She's been built to prey on the weakness of man that they fall for attractive women. It works as Doctor Gaius Baltar falls under her spell. He allows her access to information about the Defence Matrix, thinking she works for a rival corporation. She tells him the truth as the attack begins. From then on, we see her in his thoughts talking to her when he should be doing other things. Another Six is seen on the Caprica planning what to do with Helo and Lieutenant Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) but her number is never revealed.

Memory Six

Memory Six with Gaius Baltar

Memory Six is the six that Gaius Baltar would see every so often, sometimes at the wrong time. She would give him suggestions and help. When Gaius was tasked to developing a test to see whether a person was human or Cylon, Memory Six gave him a clue on how to proceed to develop the test by saying he needed a nuclear weapon. Although nuclear weapons were in low quantity, having the Cylons off the ship was more important and Gaius got his weapon.

Gaius would see the Memory Six in the real world as in standing next to him. Other times he would see the person in a virtual world like by the villa. Memory Six would wear red whether it be a dress or a red bikini with a sarong. No one else could see her.

The Number Six clone on board the BattlestarPegasus had a virtual Doctor Gaius Baltar that she would see every so often. Near the end of the run, Memory Six appeared as Doctor Gaius Baltar to trick him.

Gina Six on the Battlestar Pegasus revealed to Gaius that she has visions of him in the same way he does of her.

Caprica Six

Caprica Six refers to the model that was on Caprica at the beginning of the mini-series who had targeted Doctor Gaius Baltar so that the Cylons could get the Defence Mainframe security codes. Gaius was all too willing to give her the codes, he had not suspected in any way that the beautiful attractive woman who he was seeing was anything other than a human like him. When the attacks began, Caprica Six woke Gaius to tell him what was happening. She shielded him from the blast and that allowed him to live.

In the beginning of the series, Six is seen talking to someone but it is never revealed as to who she was talking to. In The Plan, it is revealed that she was talking to a Brother John Cavil clone.

The Caprica Sx is eventually downloaded into a new body and is hailed as a hero to the Cylons. She finds it a little hard to cope with what happened and builds up a rapport with Boomer who had just come back from being resurrected as well.

Caprica Six is reunited on New Caprica with Gaius and objects to the order given to Baltar to sign the execution paper for the colonists in revenge for the suicide bombing earlier. Her alone had voiced reservations about the execution and that led to Aaron Doral shooting her and therefore prompting Gaius to sign the papers in the end.

Caprica Six returns to the basestar and rescues Hera from the Basestar with the help of Athena who was also on board the basestar. Commander William Adama orders she be imprisoned for interrogation.

Col. Saul Tigh makes frequent visits to see the Caprica Six in the brig and when he is there, he turns off all the security cameras. Doctor Cottle later reveals that the clone is pregnant and suspicion falls on Saul Tigh for he had been visiting the prisoner for quite a few many times.

Shelley Godfrey

In Six Degrees of Separation, a Cylon clone calling herself Shelley Godfrey made accusations towards Gaius saying he was the one who sabotaged the Defence Mainframe. At first when Shelley appeared, he thought it was the Six in his memory playing tricks on him. Shelley had video tape evidence of his interacting with the computers. Lieutenant Felix Gaeta was able to discover that the video was a fake and therefore prove that Gauis didn't do it.

After the evidence had been proved a fake, there was a search for Shelley but she wasn't to be found. In 'The Plan', it was revealed that a John Cavil clone had let her out of an airlock so that she could die and be resurrected on board a Cylon Basestar and let the others know where the Battlestar Galactica fleet was. Shelley had the same peroxide blonde hair that the Memory Six had.


Natalie was one of the few Cylons to gain a first name without being in amongst the humans. She had Tricia Helfers natural hair colour rather than the peroxide that the others had. She was in open disagreement with John Cavil models about what to do. After Cavil won a vote by having Boomer vote against her models, Natalie took revenge by assassinating those who had voted against her. It was more a gesture than actually to fundamentally change anything because John Cavil came back after resurrection.

John gets his revenge eventually by luring the rebels into a trap by getting Natalie to take her Basestar to a location with John's but the Resurrection Ship is nowhere to be seen. Natalie's basestar manages to escape, heavily damaged. A Leoben Conoy clone leaves the Battlestar to make a rendezvous with the Demetrius from the Galactica Fleet.

The damaged Basestar goes to the Fleet where she makes an agreement with William Adama to share technology and work together for both of their kinds. Part of the deal is that they destroy the Hub which makes all Resurrection Ships useless in exchange for the final five Cylon models not yet identified. Adama agrees to the wishes.

Natalie is gunned down by Athena when Natalie picks up Hera. Athena had been having a reoccurring dream of seeing the Number Six pick up her daughter and take her away. Even though Natalie had nowhere to go, Athena gunned Natalie down and she wasn't going to come back this time because the Hub was destroyed.

Gina Inviere

Gina Inviere was the lover of Admiral Helena Cain on board the Battlestar Pegasus. She had Helena so trusting of her that when Gina needed the Defence Computer password, she was able to receive them. In 'Razor', Kendra Shaw spotted a clone of Gina come on board and therefore knew that Gina was a Cylon. Kendra alerted Helena who then arrested Helena.

Gina was thrown in the Brig where she was subjected to interrogation with torture techniques include beatings and rape. When the Galactica and Pegasus finally meet, Gaius Baltar takes an interest in Gina and looks after her. Baltar releases Gina who then goes on to exact some revenge on Helena by killing her. Gina then disappeared into the fleet, occasionally meeting with Gaius.

Gina eventually blew herself and the Cloud 9 up with a nuclear device allowing herself to be resurrected back on a Basestar. The radiation from the explosion was picked up the Cylons which led them to the Galactica Fleet.

Number Six - Gina who was based on the Battlestar Pegasus.

Number Six Facts

Alien RaceCylon (2003)
ActorTricia Helfer
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