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Nyx Harper - Dark Matter

Nyx Harper from Dark Matter played by Melanie Liburd.

Nyx Harper is a fictional female Human in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Melanie Liburd. Nyx Harper joined the crew of the Raza at the beginning of series two when they have captured and imprisoned. Nyx is an ace fighter and she kept order in the prison. Nyx is also able to see the future and therefore is able to predict her opponents move and counter them in a fight. The ability to see the future enabled her to become one of head people in the prison and who all others respected. Nyx helped them to escape. In 'We were family', Nyx shows off her how quickly she can learn fighting when she faces off against Four/Ryo Tetsuda during a fight practice.

Nyx's Family

She has a brother who she rescues in We Should Have Seen This Coming who was being held by a group of Seers who try to forecast the future. Nyx tricked her crew members into rescuing her brother under the guise of stealing some drugs which they plan to sell on for profit so that they can bring down Alicia. The team rescue the brother are forced to give him up when they have no choice of escape. In fact, it is her brother who volunteers to surrender to the Seers. Once back onboard the Seers ship, her bother commits suicide which Nyx feels.

Nyx is not known by any number, she joined the crew long after the crew woke up from their stasis. Nyx has all her own memories unlike the other members.

Nyx's Relationship with Ryo Tetsuda

Nyx with her ability to foresee the future, she proves more than a match for Ryo Tetsuda when he wants a sparring partner. As a result of her being able to successfully spar with Ryo, Ryo develops a deep emotional bond with her. Eventually one thing leads to another and the two fall in love.

When Ryo regains his position as Emperor of Zairon, Ryo asks, virtually pleading with Nyx to be his empress. Nyx declines, preferring to stay with the crew of the Raza.

Death and Vision of Nyx Harper

Nyx only appears in the second series, Nyx is killed by Misaki Han who slashes Nyx's arm causing a cut. The sword is laced with poison which eventually causes the death of Nyx. Misaki has deep affection for Ryo Tetsuda and wants him for herself so disposed of the competition.

Although dead, Nyx returns as a vision to Portia Lin who tells Portia to continue and carry on with their mission. Portia's vision was caused by the affects of having not much oxygen to breathe. The scene ends with Nyx giving Portia Lin a kiss on the lips.

Nyx Harper Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorMelanie Liburd
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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