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Orgrim Doomhammer

Orgrim Doomhammer

Orgrim Doomhammer is a fictional male Orc in the Warcraft series. The character was portrayed on screen by Rob Kazinsky. His allegiance / loyalty is to The Horde. Orgrim Doomhammer is the leader of the Orcs from the planet of Draenor whose planet is dying and leads his fellow Orcs through the Dark Portal to Azeroth. The occupants of Azeroth aren't too welcoming and have to fight for survival on the new planet. Orgrim is married to Draka who is pregnant with his child. It is expected that Orgrim will take his Orc race to Azeroth for survival where they encounter King Llane Wrynn and the rest of the Humans.

Such was the high regard that the Orcs had for Orgrim that they named their city Orgrimmar after him. The city is in the zone that is named after another of their leaders, Durotar.

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