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Orgrim Doomhammer - Warcraft

Orgrim Doomhammer from Warcraft played by Rob Kazinsky.

Orgrim Doomhammer is a fictional male Orc in the Warcraft television series who was portrayed on screen by Rob Kazinsky. Orgrim Doomhammer a leader of the Orcs from the planet of Draenor whose planet is dying and leads his fellow Orcs through the Dark Portal to Azeroth. The Orcs have come as an invasion force. Ogrim is a close friend of Durotan, leader of the Frostwolf clan. Durotan wants peace which Ogrim thinks is not possible because war is in their blood.

Orgrims Betrayal

Whilst, Orgrim is loyal and close friend of Durotan, he is scared of Gul'dan. When Durotan meets with King Llane Wrynn, Orgrim tips off Gul'dan who sends a group of Orcs to kill both sides lead by Blackhand. Durotan survives the attack.

When Orgrim realises what is really at stake, he helps Draka and her child, Thrall to escape from the camp. When Durotan confronts Gul'dan, Orgrim doesn't interfere even when Gul'dan uses fel power to defeat Durotan.

Legend Of Orgrim Doomhammer

Such was the high regard that the Orcs had for Orgrim that they named their city Orgrimmar after him. The city is in the zone that is named after another of their leaders, Durotar.

Orgrim Doomhammer Facts

Alien RaceOrc
AllegianceThe Horde
ActorRob Kazinsky

Copyright: Blizzard Entertainment

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