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Pau Zotoh Zhaan - Farscape

Pau Zotoh Zhaan from Farscape played by Virginia Hey.

Pau Zotoh Zhaan is a fictional female Delvian in the Farscape television series who was portrayed on screen by Virginia Hey. A Delvian priestess who provides words of wisdom. She may look harmless but there are times when her anger is on full display. Unlike human who are animals, her alien race evolved from plants. She is not embarrassed by her body, she reveals it to a guest who is suffering drug withdrawal symptons (Throne for a Loss).

Pau Zotoh Zhaan Facts

Alien RaceDelvian
ActorVirginia Hey

Copyright: Henson

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Delvian Seeker
How can Zhaan not be humanoid if Delvians are classed as Human? If she wasn't blue she'd look like a Human -- therfore: Humanoid!!!
Delvian Seeker
Erm... Virginia Hey isn't bald...
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