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Peregrin -Pippin- Took

Peregrin -Pippin- Took is a fictional male Hobbit adventurer in the Lord of the Rings series. The character was portrayed on screen by Billy Boyd. His allegiance / loyalty is to The Fellowship of the Ring. Peregrin 'Pippin' Took is the youngest member of the Fellowship, at 26, he is still not classed as an adult. He is best friends with Merry one of the other Hobbits. When the Fellowship breaks up, he sticks with Merry for the rest of the adventure.

Peregrin Took or better known as Pippin is one of the four hobbit friends who undertake the journey to destroy the One Ring

It is Pippin in the Mines of Moria who knocks against a skeleton that alerts a group of trolls and Orcs that they are in the mines and come under attack from the enemy.

Pippins is inseparable with Merry up until Pippin looks at the Palantirim, a globe of Lord Sauron. Now that Sauron knows about the Fellowship, Gandalf separates the two remaining Fellowship Hobbits. Gandalf takes Pippin into Helms Deep. When Denethor tries to burn his son Faramir alive, it is Pippin who alerts Gandalf to save Faramir from being burnt alive.

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