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Peter 'Spiderman' Parker - The Avengers

Peter Parker from The Avengers played by Tom Holland.

Peter Parker is a fictional male Human in the The Avengers comic series who was played on screen by Tom Holland. Peter Parker has to be the biggest superhero and most well known in the Marvel universe. In terms of popularity, he is up there with the likes of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in the D.C. Universe.

Peter Parker is a high school student who on a visit to a science laboratory is bitten by a spider that has escaped its pen. The original spider was one that had been atomically experimented on whereas in the updated storyline, the spider has become a genetically engineered.

Peter would later get a job with the Daily Bugle as a photographer. Using staged pictures, he would take photos of himself and sell them to the paper. The modest money would help him pay his way through university where he would meet Gwen Stacey.

Over time, Peter Parker discovers that he can walk up walls like a spider can when hairs grow from his palms of his hands when he wants them to. He has extra sensory perception and knows when something it going to happen even before anyone else and so is able to move out of the way and save himself or anyone else.

The spiders silk is not natural, instead, he has created a device that can shoot the silk out from his wrists. In some versions, it might look that its part of his powers that he can do it. He also has the strength of a superhuman and his agility allows him the ability to evade and deal with criminals.

Peter Parker is quick-witted and always seems to come up with a joke or humourous one liner when he has captured who ever he is dealing with.


He was created back in 1962 by comic authors Stan Lee and Steve Dikto. Stan was inspired by a pulp magazine character Spider and the ability of a spider to walk up walls. He had toyed with the idea of creating Spider-Boy before ultimately choosing to create Spider-man so that the character could not feel inferior and could age. As no one saw under the mask, the villains and those who he rescued would know that underneath was a high schooler. Wiki

Peter's Girlfriends

Gwen Stacey

Gwen Stacey is the blonde haired girlfriend of Peter Parker. In the films, she lasts two films before being killed in an incident involving the Green Goblin, possibly Spiderman's greatest foe. In the comics, Gwen also dies but not before having had a relationship with the Green Goblin.

Captain George Stacey

Gwen's father is George Stacey who is a policeman in the New York Police Department. George is determined to hunt down and identify Spiderman. Spiderman has an uneasy relationship with George, helping George even when he doesn't want it. George does respect Spiderman but has his job to do.

Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane is seen by many as the main girlfriend of Peter Parker. Mary appears on the scene after Gwen has died and remains there-after. Mary-Jane is a red haired female about the same age as Peter Parker. In the comics, Mary Jane and Peter would marry but then history would change and they would have to go through the dating scene again.

Michelle Jones

In the Tom Holland movies, Peter's interest is with Michelle Jones. It would later be revealed in the film that Michelle is the daughter of the principle villain of the film, Vulture. Even when the Vulture finds out the truth of Peter Parker, he doesn't let anyone know including his daughter.

Notable Spiderman Enemies

Green Goblin

Green Goblin is to Spiderman that the Joker is to Batman. Green Goblin is the most well know and most famous of all Spidermans enemies. Green Goblin is the alter ego of Norman Osborn, a billionnaire industrialist who sets out to destroy Spiderman.

Whilst in the comics, the Green Goblin looks like a Goblin with a skin tight mask, the movies show the Goblin as someone wearing a large plastic mask. In the second appearance of Green Goblin with Andrew Garfield taking on the role, the Goblin wore face paint rather than a mask to look like the character. Green Goblin flies around on a hover machine.

The Green Goblin is responsible for the death of Gwen Stacey, Peter's girlfriend both in the films and in the comics. In the films, it is more subtle when Green Goblin kidnaps Gwen and has her tied up. During the fight, Gwen falls to her death when the harness holding her breaks.

Even though they are enemies when they put on their respective masks, they are close in real life, neither of them knowing the other's secret. Norman has a deep respect for Peter as a son he never had.

A petty thief would later obtain the gear and weapons to the Green Goblin and become a new enemy, the Hobgobin.


Peter's family was killed in a plane accident which left him orphaned. Peter was brought up by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben Parker. Peter would treat them as his real parents.

One night, he didn't intervene when a robber was running towards him with stuff he'd stolen. The robber would then go on to murder Uncle Ben. The events weighed heavily on him and he saw it as his fault. From that moment on, he set out to do what he thought was right and become spiderman to go after the criminals and low-lives.


Peter Parker didn't join The Avengers at the start, he had solo-adventures. In the films, movie copyright to Spiderman belonged to Sony Pictures whilst everyone else in the movies belonged to Disney. A deal was made to allow Spiderman to join the Avengers. Spiderman made his first appearance in the Captain America : Civil War against Captain America.

Peter Parker wanted to join the Avengers but Tony Stark was against the idea, mainly because he was inexperienced and too young. Tony would mentor Peter Parker and would also improve the technology that Peter had especially the silk that he fired out in order to swing.

Against the wishes of Tony Stark, Peter Parker got involved when Thanos attacked New York to steal the Time stone from Doctor Stephen Strange and got taken up to Thanos's spaceship. Peter Parker was one of those unfortunate half the Universe which got disintegrated when Thanos clicked his fingers.

When Bruce Banner as Professor Hulk was able to click the new gauntlet, Peter Parker was brought back to life to help defeat Thanos. "Spiderman - Far from Home" was in production at the same time as Endgame, it was logical that Tom Holland couldn't be in both so he was disintegrated at the end of Infinity Wars.

Peter Parker Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Avengers
ActorTom Holland
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