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Peter Ross - Justice League

Peter Ross from Justice League played by Sam Jones III.

Peter Ross is a fictional male in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by Sam Jones III. Peter Ross is the childhood best friend of Clark Kent during his time in Smallville. He is more usually referred to as just Pete or Pete Ross in the series. Pete appears in the television series Smallville and in the stories of Superboy.

Clark againsts the wishes and advice of his father, Jonathan Clark decides to tell Peter his secret that he's not from around here. Pete can't accept it at first mainly because Clark has kept the secret from him for such a long time.

When Pete finally accepts the truth, Pete decides to keep the secret instead of telling the world. When Pete is being tortured by criminals, Pete does not give up his friends secret and wait to be rescued by Clark.

When Clark goes slightly mad as a result of red Kryptonite, Jonathan turns to Pete for help in returning Clark to normality.

Pete appears in the first three series of Smallville before being written out at the end of the series. Pete's mum is a judge who moves to Wichita, Kansas and although he decides to stay in Smallville when his mum goes, he changes his mind after a run in with the F.B.I. An F.B.I. brutally and illegally interrogates Pete who is saved from being drowned by Lex Luthor turning up. After that incident, Pete leaves Smallville.

Although in the television series, he is portrayed as a black American, in the comics, he is a white with blonde hair. Babblings. It is not the only time this kind of thing has happened, it also happened with Perry White who had been portrayed previously as white American and then being portrayed by Laurence Fishburne in the Justice League films.

Man of Steel

In Man of Steel movie, he briefly appears in a flashback scene where the school bus has fallen into water. Just before the bus goes into water, Pete is seen insulting Clark. After Pete witnesses what Clark has done, the insulting presumably stops. Lois Lane manages to track down Pete to ask him questions which presumably he doesn't give anything away.

Peter Ross Facts

ActorSam Jones III
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