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Philippa Georgiou - Star Trek - Discovery

Philippa Georgiou from Star Trek - Discovery played by Michelle Yeoh.

Philippa Georgiou is a fictional female Human in the Star Trek - Discovery television series who was played on screen by Michelle Yeoh. Philippa Georgiou holds the rank of Captain.

Philippa Georgiou is the Captain of the U.S.S. Shenzhou craft. She had been Michael Burnham's commanding officer for the past seven years before they encounter the first alien race in star Trek and are seen as the primary antagonists in the original series.">Klingon spacecraft for a hundred years. Michael Burnham wanted to attack the craft on the advice of her adoptive father, Sarek but Philippa wanted to watch and wait.

After consulting Sarek, her adoptive father, Michael Burnham attacked and disabled Philippa to assume command. No one on the bridge carried out Michael's orders. Philippa regained consciousness and regained control, ordering Michael into the brig.

When the fighting started, Michael had managed to escape from her cell and came face to face with Philippa. They would take part in a near suicidal operation to beam across to the lead Klingon warbird and capture their leader. The embarrassment of being caught would in their eyes bring the episode to an end. The two Starfleet members were unable to capture the leader. During the operation, Philippa was killed but Michael made it back.

Philippa Georgiou Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorMichelle Yeoh
Last UpdatedMonday, April 22, 2019

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