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Pilot is a fictional male Leviathan in the Farscape series. The character was portrayed on screen by Lani John Topu. His allegiance / loyalty is to Moya. Pilot is a living creature that has been fused with the leviathan Moya. Nearly every leviathan has a Pilot to control them. In Dog with Two Bones, Moya is attacked by a rogue leviathan in an area of space that is sacred to leviathans. The rogue leviathan has killed its own Pilot and is out of control.


Also in 'Dog with Two Bones', we see John Crichton dreaming of his wedding to Aeryn Sun, at the reception meal, at the end of the table, Pilot sits. That is the only time you see Pilot away from spaceships.

In DNA Mad Scientist, the crew of Moya have been persuaded to chop off one of Pilots arms to be given to an alien scientist. The scientist believes he can tell the crew the way to their planets but only for the price of one of Pilots arms. The arm will grown back again and even though there is initial pain for Pilot, he feels no remorse about giving the arm to the group.

Pilot has no love of the Peacekeepers and begins to remember his past life of when Aeryn was once a Peacekeeper and refuses to deal with her.

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