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Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron from Star Wars played by Oscar Isaac.

Poe Dameron is a fictional male in the Star Wars film series who was portrayed on screen by Oscar Isaac. Poe Dameron looks like the new principle X-wing pilot, a position that was vacated by Denis Lawson who didn't want to return as Wedge Antilles. He is the Rebellions best X-Wing pilot who is sent on a mission by General Leia to Jakku to get a clue to where Luke Skywalker is hiding. Poe takes his droid BB8 along with him for the ride. When he arrives on Jakku, a First Order brigade led by Kylo Ren attack the base, killing everyone except Poe Dameron where they take him back to their ship and interrogate him. Poe had been on Jakku to find a clue to the location of Luke Skywalker. When the First Order attacks, Poe hides the location in his droid BB8 who manages to get away.

Poe manages to escape captivity with the help of Finn, a stormtrooper who has decided to desert the First Order. Poe and Finn escape using a T.I.E. Fighter but only after making a scene which alerts the First Order to them escaping. The T.I.E. Fighter crash lands and then Poe Dameron disappears until Finn catches up Poe at the new Rebellion base. It is Finn who gives Finn his name, previously Finn had just been given a code as a name, FN and then a series of numbers.

Poe Dameron leads the X-wing squadron attack on the Starkiller Base and suffice to say that given his prominent role in the Force Awakens survives.

Last Jedi

When the First Order launch their attack on D'Qar, being the maverick he is, Poe launches a solo mission to take out the First Order dreadnought space ship, His solo mission results in the destruction of the dreadnought but also in the loss of Resistance bombers. As a result, Princess Leia, now General Leia demotes Poe back down to Captain.

Poe contacts Maz Kanata to ask for help. Maz tells Poe that he must get a master code breaker and so Poe tasks Finn and Rose Tico to go to the planet of Canto Bight to track down the master code breaker. Poe stays with the fleet as he's being watched and has been demoted. He decides that he shouldn't tell his superiors because its a need to know operation and they don't need to know.

Whilst Leia is in unconscious after the First Order attack on the main Resistance craft, Admiral Amilyn Holdo is in charge and Poe disagrees with what Amilyn plans. It gets too much for Poe and he leads a rebellion against Holdo when Poe finds out Amilyn has ordered the fleet to leave the safety of the cruiser for escape pods. Poe makes a stand against his superiors and when it looks like Amilyn is going to break through, Princess Leia steps forward. Alongside him in the rebellion is Lt. Connix who is Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)'s real life daughter.

On Crait, the mineral planet, Poe is reunited with his droid BB8 and Finn. Poe along with Finn and Rose Tico fly into battle using mineral collecting craft but the attack is called off as the crafts are breaking down.

Poe's Background

Poe is the most skilled pilot in the Resistance and his entrance into the canon came in The Force Awakens. His character hails from the forest planet Yavin IV which was where the Rebel Alliance launched their assault on the first Death Star. Yavin IV was filmed in El Petén, Guatemala. As Oscar Isaac was born in Guatemala, it was deemed fitting that his character came from Yavin IV.

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