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Portia Lin - Dark Matter

Portia Lin from Dark Matter played by Melissa O'Neil.

Portia Lin is a fictional female Human in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Melissa O'Neil. Portia is the de-facto leader of the group. She is also referred to as Two after being the second person of the crew in stasis to wake up. Before she was aboard the Raza, she was wanted for Murder, Assault, Arson, Theft and Piracy, all of which she has no recollection of.

Portia's Relations with the Crew

Given her beauty and age, Derrick Moss falls for her and kisses her in the third episode of the first series. Portia doesn't react either way to the kiss, Derrick is scared off. Derrick gets a bit jealous of the incident and tries a second time to try and get with Derrick. Wendy, the malfunctioning entertainment robot reveals to Portia that she does in fact like Derrick but is trying hard to hide it. Whenever Portia see Derrick, her blood pressure increases and she wants to be with him. At the end of the episode, Portia walks in on a towelled Derrick and progresses to have sex with him.

Prior to Portia making love to Derrick Moss, Portia has made love to Marcus Boone. Of the sex, Portia refers to the encounter as being complicated and it wasn't anything, just pure sex.

Portia's Origins

Portia has nanites inside her which provides her with enhanced intelligence, strength and the fight ability. The nanites are what keeps Portia alive. When the nanites begin to fail, her fellow Raza members break into Dwarf Star Corporation 's space station to find replacements. It wasn't a sudden collapse of the nanites but one that happened over time. Over the course of the series, her hand movements began failing. Kal Varrick managed to save her by injecting blood from another super soldier into her which resolved the situation. When Portia was being experimented on, she killed all but the most junior scientist and that is what she's wanted for amongst other things.

In Episode 1, it is revealed that Portia is not a human in the same sense that we are in and that the other people on the Raza are. Portia was made artificially and not in the same way we are done by the mating of a man and woman. The Dwarf Star Corporation led by Alexander Rook wants Portia back by any means necessary. Portia's nanite technology inside her allows her to survive in deep space without a breathing apparatus. If the Galactic Authority ever found out she's not a natural woman, she would be targeted for destruction as she's not classed as human but a thing. Alexander Rook refers to Portia as Rebecca.

In Built, not Born, the background to Portia's past takes a new direction. It is revealed that the person who is actually responsible for Portia's creation is Doctor Irina Shaw. Doctor Shaw is also credited with creating Android having made Android in her own image. It is also revealed in the episode that Portia and Irina were in a relationship and in the episode, Portia has her arms round Irina.

Before Portia is about to execute Ryo Tetsuda at the end of My Final Gift To You, Ryo reveals to Portia that she is a mother. He doesn't reveal too much detail about the child, presumably to use the information as leverage for his life. It doesn't prevent the execution from going ahead.

Portia is played by Melissa O'Neil who once won the third season of Canadian Idol in 2005. She has like other singers moved into acting.

Portia Lin in the Alternate Reality

Portia Lin's appearance in the Alternate Universe

In the alternate reality, Portia Lin is still in a romance with Marcus Boone. Unbeknown to her in the alternative universe, Marcus is having an affair with Tash, another crew member who in the original universe is dead. Her clothing is a bit more revealing that what she wears in the hear and now present universe. Portia's top for instance is bit more revealing of her chest.

Portia Surviving the EOS-7 Space station Explosion

The space station that was sabotaged by Ryo Tetsuda was blown up at the end of the second series. Portia was able to escape with Kal Varrick but their escape didn't go to plan as their space ship became stuck and couldn't move. Their craft had very little oxygen left and she relied on her nanites to keep her alive whilst Kal used the remaining amount of oxygen to breathe.

During her time with little oxygen, she experienced a hallucination where Nyx Harper came back from the dead. Nyx did most of the talking which ended with Nyx coming forward and kissing Nyx on the lips.

Portia Lin Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorMelissa O'Neil
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