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President Laura Roslin - Battlestar Galactica

President Laura Roslin is a fictional female Kobolian ( 2003 ) president who works for Battlestar Galactica in the Battlestar Galactica franchise. She has been portrayed on screen by Mary McDonnell. When the Cylons launch their attack, she is the most senior govenment figure of the colonies to have survived. Laura is the Secretary of State for Education and is promoted to Madam President. Her reign she believes will not last long, it is discovered that she is suffering from cancer which will eventually kill her.

President Laura Roslin

She comes into conflict with Commander William Adama when she seems to sanction Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) unauthorised return to Caprica to collect an arrow that will help in their quest to find Earth. Her sanctioning causing Adama to place her under arrest. Her arrest causes tension in the fleet.

When the election occurs at the end of her term, she looses to Dr. Gaius Baltar and subsequently steps down.

Although Adama has Laura arrested, the two become close and find comfort in one anothers arms.

President Laura Roslin Fact File

Alien RaceKobolian ( 2003 )
AllegianceBattlestar Galactica
ActorMary McDonnell

Copyright: Vivendi Universal

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