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Qi'ra - Star Wars

Qi'ra is a fictional female in the Star Wars series. The character was portrayed on screen by Emilia Clarke. It was originally thought that the name would Kira but they've changed the name slightly to Qi'ra. Kira is the lead female character in the Solo - A Star Wars Story. but is not the only female in the film. In addition to Qi'ra is Val played by Thandie Newton but what is for sure is that Val is only a supporting character. Qi'ra's character is possibly the love interest for Han Solo, long before Han ever met Princess Leia.

Qi'ra follows the long line of lead females in the Star Wars series, Padme Amidala, Princess Leia, Rey and Jyn Erso. All the lead females are all white with dark brown hair. In real life, the actress who plays Captain Phasma has blonde hair but we don't see her without her mask yet. The male characters are a bit more diverse and in no particular order, we have Lando Calrissian, Cassian Andor, Luke Skywalker, Chirrut, Bodhi and Finn.

As Qi'ra and Rey are both brown haired white females, there is again speculation that Rey's mother could be Qi'ra. When exactly Solo is set in the timeframe may exclude Rey from Qi'ra from being Rey's mother. When Rogue One came out, Jyn Erso was considered as a possible mother for Rey given they also share the same racial traits. Its not the first time that Qi'ra has been mentioned as a possible character in the Star Wars movies. Rey had been referenced as being Qi'ra once.

There is a shot in the trailer where she is disembarking from a space ship with a droid, L3-37. It is believed that L3-37 actually belongs to Lando rather than Qi'ra. Qi'ra is wearing a robe, maybe to give her the impression that she is of nobility? Tobias Beckett, a man who recruits Han Solo for a heist warns Han that if he expects to be betrayed then when it happens, he won't be disappointed. Although, it could apply to Qi'ra, it could well possibly be referring to when Lando Calrissian betrays Han Solo, Princess Leia and the others in Bespin.

The lead antagonist is believed to be someone called Enfys Nest, who is described as a gang leader but we don't see his or her face. In the trailer, we see a masked person and its not clear as to whether the person is male or female and so could be Enfys Nest.

Qira as played by Emelia Clarke

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