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Quark - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Quark from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Armin Shimerman.

Quark is a fictional male Ferengi in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Armin Shimerman. A typical Ferengi who loves money and women and trading. On Deep Space Nine he owns a bar.

Quark has a brother who helps him out at the bar, Rom and his son, Nog. Quark is a single man, having had a close liason with a Cardassian in the past but is a single man for the series.

In the first encounter between Starfleet and the Ferengi in "The Last Output", Armin Shimmerman plays an unknown Ferengi. Both a Ferengi ship and the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D are trapped in a mysterious force whilst orbiting a planet. The Ferengi and the Starfleet officers are forced to work together to resolve the situation.

In one episode it is alleged a craft of his enters a time portal and returns to the middle part of the twentieth century where he crashes outside Roswell, the scene of the famous U.F.O. crash landing. He appears in the Star Trek - Voyager pilot episode Caretaker where Harry Kim upsets Quark before Tom Paris comes to the rescue.

Ferengi's are always in the market of making money which is gold-pressed Latinum. They don't have any scrupples about who to do business with. When Quark has been liquidated by the Ferengi Commerce Authority, his cousin comes up with a plan to make lots of money. The plan is to sell weaponry via a go-between, Hagath to a client. When it turns out that the weapons are to be used to kill millions, Quark has second thoughts. Quarks manages to get out of the deal by getting the two sides to fight amongst themselves on the station. Business As Usual

Occupation by Dominion

When The Dominion and the Cardassians are about to take control of the station, Starfleet officers retreat from the station. Quark stays behind at the bar to provide entertainment to the new occupants. The Ferengi are neutral in the Dominion War and he is not seen as a threat to the Dominion.

When Starfleet are about to reclaim the station, Quark, a pacificist is forced to used a gun for the first time in order to rescue his colleagues, Kira Nerys and Jake Sisko. The Dominion are about to destroy the self-replicating mine field and those still loyal to Starfleet are determined to prevent the Dominion from succeeding.

Quark's Best and Worst Episodes

House of Quark

After killing a drunken Klingon at his bar, events are set in motion that result in him becoming married to the dead Klingon's widow. The dead Klingon's primary enemy is after the lands and deed of the dead Klingon.

Quark is able to find out that the enemy is using dishonourable methods to get his hands on land. All the Klingons are interested in is honour and battle and Quark is challenged to a fight. At first Quark plans to run away but then decides to face the challenger. The Challenger attempts to kill the unarmed Ferengi but is stopped by the Klingon leader. The widow is allowed to keep her property and gets a divorce from Quark.

Quark Facts

Alien RaceFerengi
ActorArmin Shimerman
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