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Q (Omnipotent) - Star Trek - The Next Generation

Q (Omnipotent) from Star Trek - The Next Generation played by John de Lancie.

Q (Omnipotent) is a fictional male Omnipotent in the Star Trek - The Next Generation television series who was played on screen by John de Lancie. Q is an omnipotent, a god like being who has appeared in Star Trek - Deep Space Nine and Star Trek - Voyager. The majority of his episodes have been in the Next Generation. Enterprise first encounters Q in the pilot episode (Encounter at Farpoint), he puts the Enterprise on notice for the crimes of humans. Q is part of the continuum, a group of god like beings who can appear and disappear at any time. Q tells the Enterprise that he is watching them and he will judge the actions of the crew. The judgment takes place at the end of the last series in All Good Things.

The Borg

Q introduces the crew of USS Enterprise NCC 1701D to the Borg to warn them of things to come. He pulls the Enterprise back before they are damaged or worst assimilated.

Omnipotent Asylum

When an Omnipotent seeks asylum on USS Voyager, Q turns up and dangles a carrot in Captain Kathryn Janeway's face. If Janeway denies the Omnipotent asylum, he will teleport them back to their own part of the galaxy just like that. Janeway rejects his offer and give the Omnipotent sanctuary.

The Omnipotent wishes to kill himself which is why he had been placed inside a comet before being released by the crew of the Voyager. Kathryn Janeway convenes a tribunal in order to hear the Omnipotents request for asylum. As part of the trial, Commander Riker is brought on board the Voyager to give testimony. Death Wish.

Omnipotent Civil War

A consequence of Voyager giving asylum to an omnipotent has started a civil war between different factions of the Continuum. Voyager first becomes aware of the Civil War when she watches two supernova events far far away. To see one is lucky but to see two is weird. After the second explosion, Q turns up on the Voyager to tell them what has happened and its all because of the asylum.

Members of the Voyager crew are taken to the Continuums alternate universe where different factions are fighting it out. The Continuum's environment resembles that of the American Civil War. When peace is brought about, Q and a female omnipotent agree to have a child together. Conception is just the two omnipotents touching one another's fingertips.

Q's Son

Q becomes a dad, a proud father of an omnipotent and he drops his son off at the Voyager nursery so that his son can learn from Janeway. The son immediately begins causing trouble with the help of a human child who is on board the ship.

Q's Punishment

The Continuum punish Q by stripping away all his powers and making him like a human being. Q has chosen the Enterprise to serve out his punishment because he says that Captain Jean-Luc Picard is the closest thing he has to a friend much to Picard's disappointment.

When word gets round that Q has lost his powers, all the creatures that he's ever played tricks on attack the Enterprise to get their revenge on the Omnipotent. Q eventually gets his powers back when he acts selflessly for once and tries to get the aliens that are hunting him away from the Enterprise.

Whilst he has appeared in the post Star Trek - The Original Series series, he has not appeared in any of the films.

In Q-Less, he turns up at Deep Space Nine and takes the trouble making a little too far and gets hit by Captain Benjamin Sisko. Q claims that Captain Jean-Luc Picard never hit him so Sisko responds by saying he's not Picard.

Q (Omnipotent) Facts

Alien RaceOmnipotent
AllegianceThe USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
ActorJohn de Lancie
Last UpdatedSaturday, August 10, 2019

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