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Radagast - Lord of the Rings

Radagast from Lord of the Rings played by Sylvester McCoy.

Radagast is a fictional male Human wizard/Maiar in the Lord of the Rings film series who was portrayed on screen by Sylvester McCoy. Radagast the Brown is one of the three wizards that appear in the Middle-Earth series of films. Radagast like his fellow wizards lives alone in a forest with only the wild-life to keep him company. Under his hat is a nest for birds and for travel he uses a sleigh pulled by super fast rabbits. Before you ask, they were CGI rabbits so no harm was caused to any rabbits during making of the film. He appears in the Hobbit trilogy and only gets a mention in the Lord of the Rings. He helps Gandalf to try to locate the evil that is connected to the Necromancer.

. He is mentioned in the books but not to the same extent as he appears in the Hobbit films. It was an attempt to show other wizards to show that Gandalf wasn't the wizard in Middle Earth. In the book, it was Radagast that comes to Gandalf to tell him Saruman wants to speak to him.

For those trying to work out where you might have seen the actor before, he is Sylvester McCoy, who made his name playing one of the incarnations of The Doctor in the Doctor Who television series.

Radagast Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Dwarves of Erebor
ActorSylvester McCoy

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