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Rafe McCawley - Defiance

Rafe McCawley from Defiance played by Graham Greene.

Rafe McCawley is a fictional male Human mine owner in the Defiance television series who was played on screen by Graham Greene. Rafe McCawley is a mine owner and a father to three children, two boys and a girl. At the beginning of the first series, one of his sons is killed by Ben Darin, an Indogene. His daughter Christie McCawley wants to marry Alak Tarr. Whilst he doesn't approve of the union, he's not going to get in their way.

Series 2

With the Earth Republic in full control over Defiance now, the control of the mines has moved to the Earth Republic and Rafe is only a miner. After his god-son Rafe steals mining equipment, Rafe is forced to work with Joshua Nolan in getting the equipment back. At the end, Rafe shoots dead his god-son and bitterly regrets it. Pottinger gets his own back on Rafe by evicting him from his home.

Rafe McCawley Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorGraham Greene
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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