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Rebekah 'Beka' Valentine - Andromeda

Beka Valentine from Andromeda played by Lisa Ryder.

Beka Valentine is a fictional female Human in the Andromeda television series who was portrayed on screen by Lisa Ryder. Rebekah Beka Valentine was the captaiin of the Eureka Maru who was hired to pull the Andromeda Ascendant out of it stasis round the black hole. When Dylan Hunt is awoken from his stasis, he manages to defeat the crew of the Eureka Maru and then recruits them to be his own crew.

Rebekah or should that be Beka as she is referred to mainly becomes Dyan's second in command of the Andromeda. When Dylan is infected with a virus and become incapacitated, Beka assumes command of the Andromeda and gives out the orders.

Rebekah's Family

Ignatius Valentine

Ignatius was Rebekah's father and a business partner to Sid Barry. Ignatius built the Eureka Maru with help from Uncle Sid which would later become Rebekah's. Although talked about in the series, he was never seen. Ignatius was a Flash addict, a drug that would make people seem on edge and overly wary of what was going on. Rebekah would later become a flash addict herself before eventually coming off the drug.

Rebekah's Brother, Rafe

Rebekah has a brother, Raphael Valentine or just Rafe for short. We first meet him in The Ties That Blind. According to Beka, Rafe is a scoundrel and a thief and is surprised to see him as a Wayist religious person. It is soon becomes apparent that Rafe is a spy for the Free Trade Alliance and is trying to break a terrorist cell. With Beka's help, the terrorist actions are thwarted.

Uncle Sid

Sid Barry, also known as Sid Profit and Uncle Sid is a close family friend of Rebekah's family. He's not a biological member of the family. Sid is a one time business partner of Ignatius Valentine, Rebekah's father. Sid and Ignatius used to be business partners until it all went sour after a disagreement that resulted in a number of deaths at a customs outpost.

Sid would later return to Rebekah's life when Sid lured Rebekah to his new home world. Sid was now a successful businessman on his planet. He knew Ignatius had hidden something in the Eureka and that's the reason he called out to Rebekah to find it.

Sid Barry is played by John de Lancie and was a special guest star in two episodes ( The Pearls That Were His Eyes in series 1 and Cui Bono in the second series). John is probably more famous for playing the omnipotent character Q who terrorises the crew of the Enterprise in Star Trek:The Next Generation.

Rebekah and Romance

The relationship between Rebekah and the rest of the crew is purely plutonic. There is not romance between any member. Rebekah has had romantic interludes where she wants something. In Heart for Falsehood Framed, she seduces and gets Hawkins, the space station security officer into bed. The only reason Rebekah seduced him was to find an artifact.

Rebekah has kissed Dylan Hunt when its part of the mission. In the same mission in the episode mentioned in the previous paragraph, Rebekah gives Dylan a kiss to swap the fake artifact with a real one and also to make Hawkins jealous.

In The Right Horse, Beka provides a character witness to Abel Ladrone who she had known since she was little. When the court hearing doesn't go to plan, Beka breaks Abel out of prison and provides him with sanctuary. Whilst providing sanctuary, she rekindles the love spark between the two of them, love making is interrupted when mercenaries from Technocore break into the Eureka Maru. They don't continue their romance.

Beka Valentine Facts

Alien Racehuman
AllegianceThe Commonwealth
SpaceshipAndromeda Ascendant
ActorLisa Ryder

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