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Behemial Far Traveler (Rev Bem) - Andromeda

Rev Bem from Andromeda played by Brent Strait.

Rev Bem is a fictional male Magog in the Andromeda television series who was played on screen by Brent Strait. Rev Bem is a Magog who is a member of Beka's crew then the Andromeda Ascendants. Rev's full name is Reverend Behemial Far Traveller but no one calls him that. Rev's appearance is not too dissimilar to that of a rat.

Rev Bem started as a member of Rebekah Valentine's Eureka Maru's crew before becoming a full time member of the Andromeda Ascendant.

The Magog

Magog's are like the Xenomorphs in the alien franchise where they grow and hatch in the bodies of others. Rev has sorrow for the woman that he killed as he was born, he carries a photo of her wherever he goes to remind himself of her. Being a Magog, he has to eat meat otherwise he will digest himself. When Rebekah Valetine and Tyr Anasazi along with Rev Bem are stuck on board the Eureka Maru, he manages to control himself from his urges to eat much to the satisfaction of Tyr Anasazi.

The magog are a carnivorous alien race that live on board a Magog Worldship, a collection of planets interconnected round a star. The Magog Worldship in the last episode of the first series Its Hour Come Round at Last when Seamus Harper poking around Rommie's computers inadvertently sends the Ascendant on a journey to where the Magog Worldship is.

In the same episode as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Rev Bem's Magog name is revealed to be Red Plague by Bloodmist, a senior member of the Magog group. Bloodmist taunted and tried to tempt Rev Bem back into the Magog way of life but Rev Bem refused to rejoin the Magog. In the same two-parter, Rev Bem ignores his pacifism in order to fight against other Magog for the sake of his crew friends.

Rev Bem's Wayist Religion

Rev is a follower of the Wayist religion, it is a pacifist religion but that won't stop Rev from going into action when he's needed. Wayists believe in the Divine, which is not the god like being which is a mass of flames in a human shape, that is the Spirit of the Abyss, the enemy of the Divine.

In The Devil Take the Hindmost, Rev Bem receives a call from another Wayist preacher and goes to his aid. The other Wayist destroys all the weapons therefore causing problems for Dylan Hunt's attempts at saving the community from the Slavers. In the epsiode, he has to deal with a young woman who wants to be a carrier for Magog eggs despite Rev's protests. When the girl goes to give birth, Rev Bem has to release the eggs from the girl which he does. In the same episode we learn that intelligence is passed down to child magog from their parents.

Rev Bem leaving the show

Rev Bem was a main character in the first series. In the second series, the character appeared less and less before being dropped altogether. In Ouroboros, Rev Bem leaves a holographic message for his crew members to say he's off to do some religious travelling. It wasn't the idea of the creators of the series to get rid of Rev Bem. It is the same episode where Trance Gemini changes from being a purple princess to the red head that she was going to become for the rest of the series.

Brent Strait wanted to leave the show because the prosthetics was getting too much for him. There had been rumours for him leaving saying it was to do with an allergic reaction to the prosthetics which said it wasn't. Brent found it hard going wearing all the prosthetics that was required of him.Ref: Republibot

After leaving the series full time, he made a couple of guest appearances. In What Happens to a Rev Deferred, we see Rev Bem go through a transformation so that he's looking a lot less like the furry creature and more as a prehistoric man with the actual actors face becoming more visible.

Rev Bem's last episode was in Fear Burns Down to Ashes where he lures Dylan Hunt to Juko, a planet that has a reputation for junkies. On the planet, it seems Rev Bem is on the side of the Collectors but he is being controlled by the Collectors to lure Dylan here.

Rev Bem Facts

Alien RaceMagog
AllegianceThe Commonwealth
SpaceshipAndromeda Ascendant
ActorBrent Strait
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