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Rev Bem - Andromeda

Rev Bem is a fictional male Magog who works for Commonwealth in the Andromeda franchise. He has been portrayed on screen by Brent Strait. Rev Bam is a Magog who is a member of Beka`s crew then the Andromeda Ascendants. Rev is a very spiritual person who believes in the divine, a god like being which is a mass of flames in a human shape.

Rev Bem was a main character in the first series. In the second series, the character appeared less and less before being dropped altogether. In Ouroboros, Rev Bem leaves a holographic message for his crew members to say he`s off to do some religious travelling. It wasn`t the idea of the creators of the series to get rid of Rev Bem. Brent Strait wanted to leave the show because the prosethetics was getting too much for him. There had been rumours for him leaving saying it was to do with an allergic reaction to the prosethetics which said it wasn`t. Ref: Republibot

Rev`s appearance changes from Series 3 to Series 4, he becomes more prehistoric man like in the episode Fear Burns Down to Ashes. The character leaves during the series because he becames allergic to the make up he had to wear.

The magog are a carnivourous alien race that live on board a Magog Worldship, a collection of planets interconnected round a star.

Rev Bam

Rev Bem Fact File

Alien RaceMagog
SpaceshipAndromeda Ascendant
ActorBrent Strait

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