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Rey is a fictional female in the Star Wars series. The character was portrayed on screen by Daisy Ridley. Her allegiance / loyalty is to The Alliance. Rey is the lead female in the Star Wars - The Force Awakens, a scavenger who lives on the desert world of Jakku. To survive, Rey scavenges a Star Destroyer that crashed during a battle between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance many years ago. What she scavenges, she hands to Unkar Plutt who gives her credits and food to survive.

Rey`s home is a destroyed AT-AT Walker which although isn`t much, it is none the less home for her. She rescues BB8, a small droid that will go on to affect her life. BB8 refuses to leave her sight and when Rey is given the option of selling it to Unkar Plutt, she declines to sell it, instead keeps it which lands her in trouble when people want the droid, both scavengers and the First Order when they arrive.

Not much of her history prior to finding BB8 has so far been revealed. Through a flash back scene in her first film, we see Rey being left on the planet by her parents but the identity of the parents have not been revealed yet


Through the droid, she meets Finn, a Stormtrooper deserter who tells Rey that he is part of the Rebel Alliance which is a lie but one that Rey gets taken in by. It is evident from early on that Finn has feelings and is probably in love with Rey, during Jakku, he is trying to grab her hand, trying to protect her he says. Finn was indoctrinated as a Stormtrooper from the moment he was captured as youngster so won`t have probably experienced feelings or love for anyone. Finn and Rey steal the Millenium Falcon from a junkyard when Rey`s craft is blown up. They attempt to get off the planet, however as soon as they get off the planet, the Falcon is captured by Han Solo and his co-pilot who announce that they`re home. Rey reveals to Han Solo that they are trying to get the droid to the Rebellion so that they can help in the war effort. Han takes them to Takodana and to meet a fellow smuggler, Maz Kanata.

The Force Awakens

It is on Takodana that Rey finds Luke Skywalker`s lightsabre and when she picks it up, she gets visions of the past and future including of what is believed to be Luke Skywalker and R2-D2. Rey also sees Kylo Ren face off with someone on a snow world but doesn`t see who it is. The images are a bit much for the youngling but Finn takes possession of the lightsabre and uses it to fight against a stormtrooper. During the First Order assault on Takodana, Rey is knocked out and is captured by Kylo Ren who whisks her back to his command ship.

On Starkiller Base, Rey is no shrinking damsel in distresss, she begins to feel the Force Awaken inside her and uses the force to force a stormtrooper to free her from captivity. It is rumoured that the soldier she persuaded was played by Daniel Craig, more famously known for playing British Secret Agent James Bond, only a rumour though. She manages to group up with Finn and Han Solo who have came to knock out the planets shield generators.

The Rebellion manage to knock out the shield generator by capturing Captain Phasma and forcing her to turn off the shields. They escape the base as its blowing up but once outside, they are confronted by Kylo Ren. Finn starts to fight Kylo but is knocked unconscious and it falls to Rey to take up the lightsabre and fight Kylo. The fight ends with Kylo defeated but its unclear as to whether he`s been killed but Kylo almost dead-cert to make it to the next movie. Rey and Finn leave the snow planet in the Millenium Falcon piloted by Chewbacca.

Rey meeting General Leia and Luke Skywalker

Back on D`Qar, the rebel headquarters, the final piece of the puzzle as to where Luke is is put in place. Rey meets General Leia as shes called now and gives Leia, Luke Skywalkers lightsabre. Rey and Chewbacca set off to the unknown planet where they find Luke Skywalker alone on a Rock Island in the middle of a large ocean. There`s nothing said between the two characters and it ends there. In the second film, The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker teaches Rey more about the force and how she can become a Jedi Knight.

If you`re expecting Rey to do anything like what Princess Leia had to do, i.e. wear a metal bikini whilst tied to a slug then you`re going to be sorely disappointed. Talking of costumes, she remains in the same costume throughout the film, in much the same way as Princess Leia did in the Star Wars IV - A New Hope.

Finn`s Attraction to Rey

Its evident from the early scenes that Finn has an attraction towards Rey although it is recipricated. From the moment Finn first sees that Rey is in trouble, Finn runs into action to protect her but he is involvement is not welcome. Finn continues to stick with Rey throughout the film.

At the end when Han Solo and Chewbacca are to sneak onto the Starkiller base planet, Finn volunteers to join them saying he worked on the planet which he did but only in sanitation. Finn just wanted to be in Han`s team so he could rescue Rey.

Reys Possible Past

There`s not much we know of Rey`s past except that she was deserted at a young age on Jakku and has had to fend and feed her self since that time. There is still speculation that she is the daughter of Luke Skywalker given that she has awoken the force within side her. She has the ability to control the minds of the weak and is able to move things with her mind. It is the awakening that Supreme Leader Snoke talks about when he talks about the `There`s been an awakening, can you feel it.`

Rey will be back for Episode VIII when it comes out in 2017. Hopefully Luke Skywalker will be back in the fold and able to teach Rey how to use the Force. The romance between Rey and Finn will obviously be expanded on unless there is a new character who intervenes or tries to do what Lando Calrissian tried in Bespin before getting the cold shoulder.

Another theory to Rey`s past is that Rey is the daughter of Jyn Erso, the lead female rebel alliance spy who breaks into the Death Star to steal the plans that the Rebel Alliance use to blow up the space station. This is based on the fact that Jyn Erso and Rey are both white females and that in the timeline, things could fit in, Jyn could quite easily fit the mother timeline. As Jyn Erso never made it off Scarif after stealing the Death Star plans, this rumour is 99% unlikely. Until the truth is revealed, you can`t discount anything considering what plots have been done in the interests of entertainment.

Alternatively, she could be the daughter of Palpatine who was created in the Sith Lords dying days. As you need a mother to create a child, the mother, Palpatines mistress could have hidden her away so that Palpatine could never find her. There are rumours even that she could be the Force generated daughter of Darth Plagueis who is not dead after all. Darth Plagueis had a reputation for being able to create or destroy life.

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