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Rio Durant - Star Wars

Rio Durant from Star Wars played by .

Rio Durant is a fictional male Ardennian Pilot in the Star Wars film series . Rio Durant is a four armed Ardennian pilot that works with Tobias Beckett. The character is computer generated with Jon Favreau voicing the character. Rio one and only appearance so far was in Solo - A Star Wars Story as the character got killed during the theft of Coaxium fuel from the Convey.

Rio first appeared disguised as a humanoid wearing a mask and cloak on Mimban. When Han Solo tried to wave down Beckett, it was Rio who felt sorry and thought the group could do with the extra help and reluctantly Tobias agreed.

During the theft of Coaxium, a shot hit Rio who was piloting Tobias's craft. When Han Solo noticed that the craft was veering too much, Han climbed onto the craft and took over control. The hit was too much for Rio and he sadly died. Tobias and Han buried both Val and Rio on Vandor.

Val was another member of Tobias's team who was involved in the heist. Val blew herself up as she was unable to escape, she felt that if she blew up the drones, Tobias would have much better luck in escaping.

Rio Durant Facts

Alien RaceArdennian
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