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Rip Hunter and the Legends of Tomorrow - Justice League

Rip Hunter from Justice League played by Arthur Darvill.

Rip Hunter is a fictional male in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by Arthur Darvill. Richard 'Rip' Hunter is a hero from the future who comes to the present to recruit both heroes and villains that will help him defeat Vandal Savage. Vandal is responsible for the death of his wife and child, something that Rip is unable to prevent in his Waverider time/space ship.

On screen, he is played by Arthur Darvill, someone who is not averse to travelling in time and space. Arthur played the part of Rory Williams in the television series Doctor Who. In Doctor Who, Rory was the geeky nurse boyfriend/husband of fellow traveller Amy Pond.

In "Legends of Tomorrow", Rip is presented as a Time Master, not to be confused with Timelords. Rip is prevented from travelling back into the past but takes the Waverider and goes off nevertheless. In the comics, he is still a time traveller but not someone who belongs to the Time Masters. He is always portrayed as being blonde hair compared to Arthur Darvill who is a brunette.

The Legends of Tomorrow

Hawkgirl and Man

Hawk Girl is a four thousand year old warrior priestess who was killed by Vandal Savage when Vandal discovered she was sleeping with a prince. The prince in question is Prince Khufu. Vandal Savage tracks down the two Hawk lovers and kills them, each time he kills them, Vandal feeds on their essence therefore enabling to carry on living as an immortal. Only when both Hawk Girl and Hawk Man are aware of their past and are able to turn into their respective characters is Vandal able to track them down and kill them. In legends, Hawkman is killed leaving Hawkgirl on her own to defeat Vandal with the rest of the Legends.

In The Flash, when Hawkgirl has finally defeated Vandal Savage, she goes off with Hawkman now knowing their immortal enemy is dead. She wants to now live without a worry and experience getting older. She is not expected to return to series 2 of Legends.

Chay-Ara and Khufu are Egyptians in the television series but in the comics, Hawkgirl came from another planet, Thanagar to be precise. D.C. Comics

Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage is the antagonist in the Legends of Tomorrow, he is an immortal from four thousands years ago. He was the one responsible for killing Hawk Girl and Man at the beginning. When he kills them, he is able to consume their essence and therefore continue to live as an immortal. He also appeared in a The Flash and The Arrow crossover episodes where he is killed with the Staff of Horus by Flash and Arrow.

Vandal Savage is killed in both the Arrow/Flash crossover and in Legends of Tomorrow. Whilst presumably inhabiting the same universe, they do contradict one another. In Legends, Vandal savage is killed in three time zones, one group involving Heatwave, another group with White Canary and the other group by Rip Hunter himself.

Sara Lance, White Canary

In Legends of Tomorrow, Sara Lance is known as the White Canary, her character's sister Laurel Lance who appears in Arrow is known as the Black / Dark Canary. White Canary's weapons is her staff. After the first series, Rip Hunter leaves the legends and works as the Director of the time burea. Sara Lance is left in charge of the group.

Sara Lance was first introduced in the Arrow series as someone who was shipwrecked with Oliver Queen on the Queen's Gambit. Her character is introduced in the second series of Arrow and then killed off. Her character is then brought back to life with the Lazarus Pit but she goes on a killing spree, only to eventually be exorcised of demons by John Constantine.

Ray Palmer, Atom

You can identify a number of similarities between D.C.'s Atom and Marvel's Ant and Iron Man. Both Ant and Atom are able to shrink themselves down to miniscule size. Atom and Iron Man are both creations of billionaires and both creations can fly. However, Antman's Hank was a criminal whereas Ray Palmer is C.E.O. of Palmer Technologies. The character first appeared when he was holding merger/take over talks with Queen Industries at the beginning of series three and then seemingly kill at the end. Ray Palmer would be revealed to be alive and eventually rescued.. He has appeared in episodes across the Arrowverse as its called. He tried to win over Arrow's Felicity Smoak who is Oliver Queen's lover and fiancee.

Not only can Ray shrink himself, he can also shrink anything he wishes. When the meteor that Vandal Savage had weaponised was about to explode, Ray miniaturised it so that the explosion was negligible. Brandon Routh the actor who plays Ray Palmer is no stranger to the D.C. world, he played Clark Kent in the ill-fated Superman Returns film in the early twentieth century.

Captain Cold and Heatwave

Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) and Mick Rory (Heatwave) are two criminals that Rip Hunter recruits for the mission to bring down Vandal Savage. Both of these have no special powers like The Flash but use weapons to either freeze or burn their enemies to nothing. Whilst Leonard is willing to see it through to the end, Heatwave is not so dedicated and will leave when he gets the chance.

When the team journeys to the future, Heatwave takes control of a group of gangsters but its Leonard who brings him back into the fold. Although Snart is in it for himself, he's willing to put his life on the line which he does and is now missing presumed dead.

Enemies of Legends of Tomorrow

Vandal Savage

It is Vandal Savage that kick starts Rip's travels through time but no space. When Vandal kills Rip's wife and child, Rip creates the Legends of Tomorrow using both criminals and heroes from the present time. Vandal Savage is an ancient Egyptian priest who is immortal so long as he finds Prince Khufu and Priestess Chay-Ara who have been reincarnated and kills them therefore consuming their life force.

Vandal is killed off in the Flash/Arrow cross-over but his character continues in the Legends of Tomorrow series until the Legends kill him at the same time across three time zones, yep, time to chew that one over.

Damian Darhk, Eobard Thawne

Both Damian and Eobard have appeared in previous Arrowverse but now they have joined forces to take on the Legends of Tomorrow. Eobarde Thawne, also known as Reverse-Flash is running through time so that it doesn't catch up with him and kill him. The two men are after the Spear of Destiny which will can change time. The Spear of Destiny was believed to be the same spear that was used the Romans to see if Jesus was dead when he was crucified.

Damian Darhk and Mallus

Damian Darhk is bought back to life by his daughter and wrecks havoc for the Legends. A creature called Mallus is orchestrating the events in the series. Mallus is a giant winged humanoid who is hellbent on escaping his realm and controlling Earth. The only thing that can stand in his way are totems scattered through time. When the totems are used together, they can create a force that can kill Malloc.

Damian Darhk flip flops between teams, he eventually reveals he wants to kill Malloc and save his daughter which is the only thing important to Damian. Damian's daughter is played by Brandon Routh's wife.

Rip Hunter Facts

AllegianceThe Justice League
ActorArthur Darvill
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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