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Rocket - The Avengers

Rocket from The Avengers played by Bradley Cooper.

Rocket is a fictional male Racoon in the The Avengers comic series who was played on screen by Bradley Cooper. Rocket Racoon is a genetically engineered Raccoon that walk and talk like any human. He is extremely fast witted and comedian. Rocket is a criminal who before joining the Guardians of the Galaxy worked with Groot, a large walking tree.

Rocket is a wise guy whose mouth can get the better of him. He first encounters Peter Quill when Rocket and Groot try to steal an orb from Peter on the planet of Xandar. Xandarian police led by Rhomann Dey arrest everyone and put them on a prison space station.

Rocket comes up with a plan to escape involve a false leg which Rocket admits was a joke. The Guadians now consisting of Peter Quill, Gamora, Groot, Drax the Destroyer and Rocket himself manage to escape.

When Peter Quill reveals that he wants to save the Galaxy, Rocket doesn't quite understand so Peter explains to him that he lives in the Galaxy. Raccoon only joins because he doesn't have long to live anyway and thinks it might be fun.

Avengers - Infinity Wars / Endgame

After the Guardians have recovered Thor from space, Thor wants to go and make a new weapon but Peter Quill is against it. Rocket ends up leaving the Guardians to help Thor make a new weapon.

Rocket is one of the fifty percent of the Universe that managed to survive being disintegrated. In the second film, he continues to make a contribution to defeating Thanos.

Rocket Facts

Alien RaceRacoon
AllegianceThe Guardians of the Galaxy
ActorBradley Cooper
Last UpdatedSaturday, May 4, 2019

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