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Rom - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Rom from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Max Grodénchik.

Rom is a fictional male Ferengi in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Max Grodénchik. Rom is the brother of Quark, the owner of the restaurant / entertainment / gambling establishment on the Promenade in Deep Space 9. He has a son Nog who is best friends with Jake Sisko, the son of the captain of the station.


Brother Quark

He lives in the shadow of his brother, normally always standing down in a confrontation. When Rom and Quark are called back to Ferenginar when their mother has been discovered to be wearing clothes and making money, Rom sides with his mother who he calls Moggie. Quark takes the opposite view and think that their mother should do as the law states.

Son Nog

He always wanted to be a father and he went into a business arrangement with a Ferengi Female. Over time, Rom fell in love with the woman and when the baby was born, he wanted to carry on the relationship. He did another contract with the woman but got stung, she took his money and left him with the child.

His son was best friends with Jake Sisko . When Keiko O'Brien announced she was creating a school for the youngsters on the station, Rom felt it was appropriate that Nog attended even though Nog didn't want.


Leeta is a young dabo girl who is employed by Quark at his establishment. Over time, the two fall in love with one another. Its not Dr Lewis Zimmerman makes an appearance on the station that Rom reveals his true feelings and eventually marries Leeta.

Grand Nagus

When Grand Nagus Zek decides to retire at the end of the series with Quark and Rom's mother, Zek announces that his successor is Quark. However because of a bad transmission, it is actually Rom who is the actual successor.

Rom's Best and Worst Episodes

Bar Association

When Quark plans to cut everyone's pay or lay off staff, Rom steps forward and creates a Union to fight the employees cause. The Guild as they call themselves attract the attention of the Ferengi Commerce Authority who sends Brunt to prevent things from getting out of hand. The Guild are not immitated by the actions of Brunt and continue their strike. Eventually thanks to the employees standing united, Quark agrees to their demands.

At the end, Rom walks out on his brother, choosing a career as a junior technician with Starfleet. Quark tries to persuade him but he relents as he feels it is best for the both of them that he stands on his own two feet.

Rom Facts

Alien RaceFerengi
ActorMax Grodénchik
Last UpdatedSunday, August 11, 2019

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