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Romana from Doctor Who played by Lalla Ward.

Romana is a fictional female Human in the Doctor Who television series who was played on screen by Lalla Ward. Romana was played by two different actresses, for this sites purpose, I have opted to document neither. Both of Romana's incarnations were paired up with the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker). Romana was forced upon The Doctor by the High Council of Gallifrey to assist him to locate all 7 pieces of the Key of Time. In reality, Gallifrey knew nothing about it and it was actually an omnipresent being known as the White Guardian that had sent her. After the Key to Time had been gathered, the Doctor realised that it would be too dangerous, so he scattered the pieces again. Romana then chose to regenerate. She continued to travel with him until they came across a race time travellers that had been sold into slavery.

Romana decided to find and locate the entire race and re-unite them to set them free. K9 (mark 2) went with her to protect her. After that, she returned to Gallifrey and became Lord President. She bears a huge grudge against the Daleks because shortly after becoming president she was at a conference which the Daleks attacked. Romana was kept prisoner for 20 years. As you can imagine, she was a bit annoyed at them, once the 6th Doctor had freed her. Romana II, K9 mark II, Leela and K9 mark I work together on Gallifrey in order to weed out corruption and anything else that comes Gallifrey's way. The story in which Romana is revealed as being Lord President, being captured by the Daleks and being rescued by the 6th Doctor is one of the recent Big Finish Productions audio stories, which is really good. The Dalek's actually invaded Gallifrey in that story, but they were, of course, beaten by the Doctor

Romana Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Fourth Doctor
ActorLalla Ward
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Romana is NOT human! She is a Time Lord (Sometimes referred to as a Time Lady) from the planet Gallifrey. Being a Time Lord/Lady, she has the ability of regenerate. This explains why she is played by both Mary Tann (Romana I) and Lalla Ward (Romana II)
jonni R. Douglass
There are two Romanas and neither one of them is human nor from Earth. What an obvious error! Romanas I and II are the same character played by two actresses. Romana is from Galifrey just like the Doctor. Thanks. Please gather some folks together to update and correct the informantion on your website. Keep up the good work, it is very interesting.
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