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Rommie - Andromeda

Rommie from Andromeda played by Lexa Doig.

Rommie is a fictional female Robot computer in the Andromeda television series who was played on screen by Lexa Doig. Rommie is the name given to the Robot form of Andromeda Ascendant. It is a shortened version of the name of the ship. The ship's computer is called Andromeda in both on screen and holographic form. The picture below is from how she appeared in the first series with short hair. In later series, her hair grows with red hi-lights.

Rommie's Appearance and Creation

Rommie's look wasn't created by Seamus Harper, it was already created by whoever built the ship. Seamus took a maintenance robot and turned it into a humanoid female. Seamus aimed to get the android looking as close to the ships holographic avatar as possible and it worked :).

Rommie first appearance as an android is in the episode "To Loose the Fateful Lightning" where it is implied that she is topless or even nude. You see nothing more than just her head and shoulders.

Rommie has been known to alter her hair colour in one episode to blue when she was letting herself go and planning on a girl only night with Rebekah Valentine and Trance Gemini.

Rommie being the robot she is, declines all of Harper's advances, instead Rommie fancies other Robot's. Rommie develops a personality of her own and is very much like how a child would but with advanced learning. Rommie is extremely loyal and protective of her crew and is not beyond sacrificing herself for her crew especially when the Magog over run.

Rommie's episodes to watch

All Too Human

Rommie is sent on her first undercover mission on her own as she's sent to Machen Alpha to extract a scientist. In this episode, her hair goes really dark and so does her lips. Rommie will use her female wiles when its necessary such as in that episode where shes pretends to be her extraction targets lover.


In the episode Star-Crossed, the Andromeda comes across another warship which has its own android in charge. The other ship's android is played by Michael Shanks who is best known for Daniel Jackson in the Stargate series. Not only does Rommie build an emotional attachment to the other ship's avatar so does the actress. Lexa Doig would eventually go on to have a relationship, marriage and children with Michael Shanks.

Gabriel returns in the penultimate episode of the third series, Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath. When Gabriel died the first time, he inserted a program into Rommie so that he could take control of the body later. Gabriel took control of the Resolution, another High Guard space ship and forced Seamus Harper to build him a new body. Gabriel wouldn't get very far when ultimately, Gabriel is blown out of the ship when an airlock is opened.


This is the episode that sees Trance Gemini go from being the Purple Princess to the Red Haired Wonder, Rommie also undergoes a slight change. Whilst in the previous episodes, her hair was natural black, in Ouroboros, her hair has changed to blue highlighted hair.

The Mathematics of Tears

Although Rommie is a robot, she exhibits many characteristics that you would find in a human person. When her sister ship, the Pax Magellanic is destroyed, Rommie is on the verge of tears. Rommie had hoped that she would be able to save her sister and see her redeem herself. The Pax Magellanic blows herself up after Dylan finds out the truth.

Doyle, Rommie's Replacement in Series 5

At the end of series 4, Rommie's Robot avatar is destroyed in a battle with the Magog. Harper sets about building a replacement android, not a Rommie clone but a different female android altogether.

The replacement android is called Doyle who harbours dreams of memories or more appropriately nightmares of Rommie's adventures. Harper reveals the truth about the dreams and reveals he was looking to build a replacement for Rommie. Seamus made Doyle think she was human and didn't tell Doyle until he was forced to do so when another android revealed the truth.

Rommie only appeared on screen or as a hologram at the beginning of the series. Rommie is rebuilt around the middle of series 5 but Rommie is built slightly different which Rommie refers to as being more sturdy.

Lexa Doig who played Rommie was unable to do so because she was pregnant in real-life with her first child, a daughter. When Rommie returns, her clothing is different as well as her figure.

Although Rommie, the Android didn't appear, the holographic and on screen versions of Rommie did throughout the series. When Doyle arrived on the ship, the Andromeda Ascendant's computer kept turning off the light when Doyle was turning it on. Andromeda took exception to Doyle having the amount of control that she did.

Rommie's Love Life

Androids aren't supposed to fall in love but Rommie has human-like emotions. She loves her crew and her captain. Rommie tries to cope with falling in love with a fellow Android, Gabriel who doesn't turn out to be a good android.

Rommie doesn't just fall for other Androids, she gets close and personal with Captain Metis of the Bellerephon space ship. Close and personal involves a kiss between the two characters. Captain Metis wants Rommie to stay with him but Rommie has a sense of loyalty towards the Andromeda Ascendant and stays with Captain Hunt. Rommie promises to meet with Metis back on Earth in a thousand years should they both make it that long. The Lone and Level Sands

Life after Andromeda

The character Rommie is played by Alexandra or as she's better known, Lexa Doig. Lexa has appeared in a variety of science fiction series, in addition to Rommie, she has appeared as Carolyn Lam in Stargate SG1, Dr Leah Perlman in the re-imagined version of the V series of the lizards from outer space.

Before Andromeda, Lexa had appeared in is the television adaptation of Tek-Wars the television series based on the books by William Shatner who is best known for his role of Capt. James Tiberius Kirk in the original Star Trek series. Lexa appeared as Cowgirl for a couple of episodes.

Its not the first time that Lexa Doig and Lisa Ryder had worked together in a space setting. They had both appeared in Jason X, the Friday the 13th film set in space. Whereas Lexa played the android Rommie in Andromeda, Lisa Ryder, who played the human Beka in Andromeda was cast as an android in the film,

Rommie Facts

Alien RaceRobot
AllegianceThe Commonwealth
SpaceshipAndromeda Ascendant
ActorLexa Doig
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