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Romo Lampkin - Battlestar Galactica

Romo Lampkin from Battlestar Galactica played by Mark Sheppard.

Romo Lampkin is a fictional male in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was portrayed on screen by Mark Sheppard. Romo Lampkin first comes to the attention of everyone when he is assigned to defend Dr. Gaius Baltar who is on trial for treason for working with the Cylons. Romo was not the first lawyer appointed to defend Gaius, the first was assassinated. There were attempt on Romo's life but he was more heavily protected.

He often wears dark glasses and has a pet cat which is killed and so he is given a new pet, a dog which he reveals he hates more than cats. When people are not looking, he will steal items that will aid him in finding out more about the person that he is up against.

During the trial of Baltar, he works with Capt. Lee Adama to defend the scientists. Neither Lee nor Romo are aware of just how involved and responsible that Gaius was in relation to the original attack on the colonies by the Cylons.

During the time of the mutiny when Tom Zarek and Lt. Felix Gaeta try to take control of the Battlestar Galactica, Romo returns. At first, Romo is told to defend Commander William Adama in a tribunal. It is very much a kangaroo court where the outcome of the court is already known. The prosecution is led by Felix and Tom Zarek is the judge.

Romo Lampkin Facts

ActorMark Sheppard

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