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Ronan - The Avengers

Ronan from The Avengers played by Lee Pace.

Ronan is a fictional male in the The Avengers comic series who was played on screen by Lee Pace. Ronan is a large Kree alien who is tasked by Thanos to find the Infinity Stone that Peter Quill has come across. Ronan is helped by Gamora and Nebula. Gamora will betray Ronan and end up helping Peter Quill to defeat Ronan.

Drax the Destroyer holds Ronan responsible for the death of his family. After the Guardians escaped prison, Drax summoned Ronan to Knowhere, a large skull in space which served as a trading place. Drax had called Ronan without consulting the others first and in the ensuing melee, the Guardians would be forced to retreat.

Ronan would eventually be defeated and killed by the Guardians in a final confrontation on the planet of Xandar where the Guardians all first met.

Captain Marvel

Ronan made a brief appearance in the Captain Marvel film as it was set in a time before Ronan was killed by the Guardians on Xandar.

Ronan Facts

ActorLee Pace
Last UpdatedSaturday, May 4, 2019

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