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Rory Williams - Doctor Who

Rory Williams from Doctor Who played by Arthur Darvill.

Rory Williams is a fictional male Human in the Doctor Who television series who was played on screen by Arthur Darvill. Rory Williams is a human male character from Doctor Who. He is aligned to the The Doctor. He travels aboard the space ship called TARDIS. Rory Williams is romantically involved with Amy Pond .

By day, Rory is a nurse at the local hospital when he's not travelling with Amy. When he is first introduced, he has proposed to Amy and they are to get married soon.

Rory Williams' Death

In Cold Blood, Rory attempts to save The Doctor when Restec, a Silurian is about to shoot the Doctor. The Doctor leaves the body on the ground and the body is consumed by light streams from the Crack in the Wall. The light causes Rory Williams to be erased from history. The Doctor tries to keep Amy Ponds' Memories' of her fiance alive however when the TARDIS lands above ground, the memories of her fiance have gone.


When the Doctor and Amy Pond are called to Stonehenge in 102 A.D., the Doctor is surprised to find that Rory Williams is now a Roman Centurion leader. Whilst the Doctor instantly remembers Rory, it takes a while before Amelia eventually remembers her fiancé. The reunion doesn't last as Rory has been replaced by an Auton version with all the feelings and personality as the flesh and blood version.

The human side of Rory struggles to control his Auton feelings and his human feelings with the Auton side eventually winning over and shooting dead Amy Pond. The Doctor gets Rory to put Amy's dead body in the Pandorica that will keep Amy's body safe until it can be revived later when its touched by Amy's DNA.

Rory Williams and the Weeping Angels

The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to Manhatten but Rory is captured and pulled back in time by the Weeping Angels. It is something that the Doctor is unable to prevent. Amy Pond jumps through the time portal to be with her husband. The Doctor finds the tombstones of both his ex-companions to see that they both lived to a grand old age of being in their nineties but they lived and died together. The Doctor was unable to travel back in time to see them again because of time constraints.

Life After Doctor Who for Arthur Darvill

After a few stages plays, he got the role of playing a vicar in the television series Broadchurch. Broadchurch was a crime drama set in a small village in the south west of England. After that series, he won the role of Rip Hunter, a human time-traveller who in the first series set out to defeat Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage was responsible for the death of Rip's wife. Rip was the leader of a group of time-travellers who were criminals from this time who would go on to be Legends of Tomorrow.

Rory Williams Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Doctor
LoveAmy Pond
ActorArthur Darvill
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