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Ryo Tetsuda - Dark Matter

Ryo Tetsuda from Dark Matter played by Alex Mallari.

Ryo Tetsuda is a fictional male Human in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Alex Mallari. Ryo is a trained swords mans who uses swords to fight rather than guns. Ryo Tetsuda is commonly referred to as Ryo because he was the Ryoth person to wake up in the first episode. Ryo who was framed and deposed as the leader of the planet Zairon. Ryo plans to get back his planet one day which is currently in a war with another planet and is loosing the war badly. Ryo is quiet compared to the other members of the group and says very little. Also like the others, he is a murderer having been sent on the same mission as the others.

Heir to the Throne of Zairon

When his father, the Emperor of Zairon was killed, all the evidence to the murder pointed to him. Ryo managed to escape and become a fugitive and eventually join the crew of the Raza. His dream of regaining the throne of Zairon never diminished. His home planet was at war and they were loosing.

Ryo had been framed by his mother in law who wanted Hiro, Ryo's brother to be the new Emperor. At the end of the second series, Ryo got in contact with his brother and Hiro agreed to step down in place of his brother Ryo. The transition didn't go too smooth but he managed to get his throne back in the end.

Relationship with Nyx Harper

Ryo grows close to Nyx Harper because she is able to fight him on an equal footing. They eventually fall in bed together but seem to regret in the morning and agree that they both will keep it quiet but its hard when the other members of the crew know.

Throughout Ryo's childhood, he was close to Misaki Han-Shireikan. Misaki is fiercely loyal to the crown, when marines came to the prison asteroid to collect Ryo, Misaki was leader of the group. Misaki and Ryo fought but Ryo managed to escape. Later on, when Ryo has regained his position as Emperor of Zairon, Ryo is unable to persuade Nyx to join him. Misaki determined that Ryo be hers kills Nyx Harper.

Emperor Ryo Tetsuda

Emperor Ryo Tetsuda of the Zairon Empire

After regaining his Emperor role, he sets about turning the tide in the war that his people are having. He steals the Blink drive, a piece of equipment that can enable any space ship to literally jump from one point to another. When the Raza first got their hands on the Blink drive, a miscalculation called them to go the alternate universe where Ryo was Emperor. The crew of the Raza used the fact he was Emperor to trick the alternate one to come for a meeting and steal their blink drive.

He rules the Zairon Empire with an iron fist, he is a dictator which the people do not like. Teku Fonsei, a friend of Ryo who during the time Ryo had been deposed suggested was in prison suggested to Ryo that he become more friendly with the population which Ryo disagreed with in 'Give it up Princess'.

In this reality, after he has recovered his rightful position, he visits the EOS-7, steals the Bink drive and then plants a bomb and causes it to explode on the EOS-7 space station. The crew of the Raza had earlier prevented one bombing on the space station but they failed to prevent the second one. A war between the corporations has begun, much like how it is in the alternate reality.

The purpose of destroying the EOS-7 is to start a war between the corporations and that would take the heat off Zairon so that Zairon could attack its enemies.

His term as Emperor of Zairon doesn't last long. The people begin an uprising as they are loosing the war. Tetsuda is more interested in getting the Blink Drive that he believes will bring a swift ending. Ryo has the alternate Marcus Boone kidnap Portia Lin and bring her back to the Palace. See dwarf star Conspiracy. Ryo offers Portia for the Blink Drive.

When the uprising gets close to the Imperial palace, the court take things into their own hands. Misaki tries to kill Ryo but the attempt fails and Ryo kills all the soldiers leaving just him and her to fight it out. Misaki seems to be winning and is about to kill Ryo but Ryo's life is saved by Portia who takes him back to the Raza. The crew of the Raza put Ryo's life to the vote and they decide to execute him.

Just before Ryo is about to be shot, Ryo reveals to Portia that she is a mother but doesn't say too much about the child. He hopes to use information about the child as leverage but it doesn't seem to work as the trigger is pulled.

Ryo Tetsuda Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorAlex Mallari
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