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Sarah - Dark Matter

Sarah from Dark Matter played by Natalie Brown.

Sarah is a fictional female Human in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Natalie Brown. Sarah is the love of Marcus Boone life. Before Marcus got involved with the others, he was in love with Sarah who was ill. Marcus wanted to make her well. We see their their life together in a wooden hut in the middle of nowhere.

Marcus hid Sarah in a capsule and smuggled her onto the Raza in the hope he would make her well one day but she died. Although Marcus had bedded Portia Lin, he never got over Sarah.

Sarah's consciousness was stored in the ships computers along with everyone else. Emily Kolburn was able to find Sarah's consciousness in the third series and managed to hide it from everyone else. When Android was doing a diagnostic on the computer systems, she found the virtual world of Sarah. On the discovery of Sarah, Emily was forced to tell Marcus. Marcus took some time in building up to meeting Sarah. Eventually, Marcus saw Sarah. Sarah is alone in the computer, she tries to occupy herself by changing the environment but its not quite the same as being out in the real world. Emily promised to get an android body for her to move out into the real world with.

When Ryo Tetsuda sneaked onto the Raza, Emily worked alongside Sarah to regain control of Android and the Raza. Sarah had managed to plug into the ships computers and detect when danger was coming and therefore wake up Emily from the subconscious mode she was in. Hot Chocolate

Sarah Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorNatalie Brown
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